Bittorrent tracker targeted by game devs - "Please don't pirate our game!"

Gamer Limit writes "Just when you thought public relations with software pirates couldn't get any weirder, Ace Team, the developers behind Zeno Clash, have started posting comments on a popular torrent tracker."

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chrisjc3490d ago

I hope to God the pirates will listen. The game is great, and that's really sad the devs have to do this.

I also find it hilarious that the devs obviously know the big trackers, like Mininova. It must be like a running joke "hey guys, let's go on the tracker and say this torrent doesn't work/is a virus!"

I bet if every dev flooded trackers with virus comments, there'd be a lot less piracy.

poindat3490d ago

Maybe not. All it would do is create hostilities between the pirates and developers. Not only would it show an extreme immaturity on the developer's part, but piracy rates for their games would probably increase.

I like the way Ace Team did it here. No negative statements, just trying to 'bridge the gap' so to speak. It pays to be considerate.

iamtehpwn3490d ago

but I would go buy the game legally if I was interested, and read that.

jackdoe3490d ago

Lol, Poindat, it just strikes me as hilarious when developers try to bridge the gap with people who pirate their games. It would be just like a restaurant saying to people who dine and dash, if you enjoy the food pay for it or like banks to robbers, if you like the cash, try to make your own.

uie4rhig3490d ago

believe it or not, but since i bought my PS3 i only downloaded one game.. that is CoD4.. and that was AFTER i bought the PS3 version.. not played much with the PC version coz pc cudn't handle it but that is the only game that i have downloaded since i bought a ps3 on the UK launch date .. i'm happy and devs are happy..:)

N4g_null3489d ago

That is the one thing I love about the PS3 it has not been hacked yet!

Cicinho3489d ago

hahahaha poor guys begging it. Same this wasn't an Xbox game or I would have pirated it.

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SkankinGarbage3490d ago

That's pretty bold. I appreciate that kind of move.

360Hater3490d ago

Be back when done. Oh wait I guess this sorta has the opposite affect? lol. Oh well.

Fullish3490d ago

Heh, what can they do? Either way they lose.

HDgamer3490d ago

Only idiots use torrents. It's all about rapidshare, megaupload and those types of services lol.

morganfell3490d ago

Well you must not think much of Microsoft. They intentionally leaked Windows 7 beta over bit torrent. The beta release would have failed without bit torrent and they know it.

vickers5003490d ago

Good luck paying 50$(or w/e the hell it is) a year just to get a download 5 minutes faster.

Kushan3490d ago

"The beta release would have failed without bit torrent and they know it."

The purpose of the beta is to TEST the OS, to make sure it works on a huge variety of systems with as few bugs as possible. It wasn't to drum up hype, that's what the marketing department was for. So how exactly would it have "failed"? Are you trying to say that less people would have used it, thus less bugs were found? If so, what's your point? That people shouldn't have bothered with it? That we should just let MS release a buggy OS?

Also, the Beta was released FOR FREE on Microsoft's own website, if you wanted it, you could get it LEGITIMATELY straight from the source. Nothing was "leaked".
Sure, it came out a few days before it was supposed to, but how exactly would that have made a difference?

J8M7G3489d ago

newzbin gets game,s movies, albums n apps way before torrent sites and upload sites, plus its more than 5 mins earlier that downloads finish on newsgroups, i can get any file i want at 300megs a second (thats 21 seconds per film).
Only games i download tho is wii cus they're pretty much all crap anyway i buy ps3 and 360, and films if i like them i will get on bluray.
pm me if you want an invite to newzbin.

OSIRUSSS3489d ago

Newsgroups are the way to go. I DL'd the Spirit at 720p and save the file to my 16 gig Memory Stick and watched it on my PS3. I was amazed it worked but it did.

morganfell3489d ago

Points from tuxgeek:

It should be clear to all of us that these versions floating around various torrent sites – and especially the beta 1 – are carefully planned by public relations. And it’s brilliant. Why?

* Because they reach their target audience, people with tech skills who are still enthusiastic about Windows and are taking time to download, install and test the operating system. Most of them have blogs and will surely post something about it and creating hype for the next release.
* Zero distribution costs via peer-to-peer networks; no responsibility for download speed or failures.
* Press coverage on all the major blogs with little adverse consequences; even if the review is negative – the release is not official.
* A large, no-consequences, zero logistics, no expense beta test; Judging by ThePirateBay seeder/leecher ratio and the time of upload, more than 30 000 tech savvy people are running Windows 7 beta 1 right now and probably submitting bugs, crash reports and hardware information.
* Frameworks inside Windows 7 allow remote deactivation or ‘crippling’ via de WGA scheme. Your copy of Windows 7 works because Microsoft lets you. And they know a new machine is online the minute Windows connects to the internet.

Kushan3489d ago

morganfell, the only valid point made there was the distribution costs. That's it. The rest still applies be it P2P or otherwise. What of those points would have caused the beta to "fail" if it hadn't been released on P2P groups?

HDgamer3489d ago

Rapidshare links has things that torrents don't have and they are better especially since they don't require a seed for a download. If you really wanted something all you have to do it download it at top speed.

morganfell3489d ago

Because without torrents the beta would not have been spread to a wide enough audience in order to get a better handle on issues and there would have been less buzz...and those are the two things a beta is designed to do. Without them, a piece of software fails in a public beta.

Kushan3489d ago

So you seriously mean to say that every person with enough technical knowledge to download the beta via Bit torrent or whatever and install it on their PC was incapable of getting it from Microsoft's own website?
I find that hard to believe.

morganfell3489d ago

Did I say that? Keep making things up and this discussion becomes useless. No that isn't true but MS saved huge amounts of money and they bear no responsibility while passing the beta to hordes of persons.

Kushan3489d ago

Yes, as a matter of fact you did say that, because you keep coming up with points about how the beta would have "failed" if it hadn't been released on P2P networks, yet every point you've made so far has no relevance to that. All of the same rules apply whether people got it from Piratebay or - it's beta software in either case and Microsoft's support is the same. If anyone wanted the beta, they could get it just as easily from Microsoft themselves.

morganfell3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

No. You are wrong. I did not say that and I stated if you persisted in that dumb line of inventing things then I was finished. Well I am finished.

I did not say that. Read it again or go back to school, get some reading lessons, improve your comprehension and try again. Whatever, I do not care but you are on your own. Don't bother PMing me either.

Some of the best minds out there will not go to the MS site. And the type of volume needed to run a truly successful test was not offered through the MS site. Frankly the buzz for Win 7 was far lower than Vista. It is in danger of being dead out of the box and MS is getting worried. You see, you ignore all sorts of facts like the seceond purpose of a beta.

Well here is where I am smart enough to let it go. Without the data brought in from hundreds of thousands of of betas distributed through bit torrent the beta would have been a failure. You can't see that.

Could people have gotten it from the MS site? Yes and no as MS kept locking the limit - it made it seem more valuable. But the fact is people didn't want to go through the registration process. You can't see that either.

People like to feel as if they are getting over. You can't see that.

Getting it from a torrent site is loads easier than what I did - you can't see that.

Win 7 is fairly worthless - especially compared to Ubuntu 9.04 - don't know if you can see that and frankly I do not care. I am done here.

Kushan3487d ago

You said you were finished and then wrote half a page of text...

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