Game and Let Game

Gamer Limit writes "Can we please end this blind zealotry behind certain games and platforms? There's no need to hunker down behind your console of choice - no need to defend your favorite games. Likewise, there's no need to assault the preferences of your fellow gamers. We share a common bond in our respect for this medium - can't we make an effort to respect each other as well?"

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chrisjc3515d ago

All it takes is the benjamins baby!

Console favoritism? What??

AcesAndEights3515d ago

I have an unfortunate tendency to play devil's advocate way too often, had mass arguments about why consoles I don't even own are superior to others.

blackstuff3515d ago

It's all just really childish, if only more people had the same attitude as this author. It reminds me of childhood arguments back in Primary School "My dad is better than your dad" to which the reply was something like "Nut-Uh!! My dad is better than your dad!". I guess these people are just a bunch of children who never graduated to adulthood, I wish them well.