Popmatters Review: Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

Popmatters writes:

"Despite the poorly executed controls, though, the only thing that saves the game from a rating of 1 or 2 is the script. While the notion of comedy in Leisure Suit Larry games generally boils down to fart, penis, fart, big breast and fart jokes, crass can be funny. There are certainly a range of approaches to such crass humor as well.

There is a difference between being cleverly crass, stupidly crass, and just plain crass crass. Box Office Bust offers all three variations and a philosophy of comedy that suggests that if you just keep slinging jokes out there at least one of them will hit. In this case, that is true enough. While I am more partial to the cleverly crass than anything else, Box Office Bust was able to make me laugh at most every variety of crass humor possible despite myself. When it is clever too, it does tend to be very clever. The addition of the pretty good comic timing of Josh Wheton as Larry Lovage and the always amusing delivery of Patrick Warburton also helps some of the lines to really come off."

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