Do You Remember vol. 6 - Illusion of Gaia

This week on Do You Remember, we talk about Illusion of Gaia, one of Quintet's developed titles and published by Enix that really should eventually appear on the Wii's virtual console to compliment the already-available Secret of Mana, a vaguely similar style of game. Illusion of Gaia is steeped in real-world lore, documenting the travels of a group of people across many of the Ancient Wonders of the World, as well as a few other notable, historic places and a few original dungeons. It's also an easily forgotten and often-dismissed SNES game that really deserves a second look.

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The gaming GOD3517d ago

Is a true gem. I remember this game fondly. For anyone that likes this game, you should really try to hunt down Soulblazer as well since Illusion of Gaia is a spiritual sequel to it.

NDoerrFans3517d ago

Terranigma is also the spiritual sequel to Illusion of Gaia! And if we go based on overall themes, the PS-One title The Granstream Saga is yet another spiritual successor.

Basically, they're all amazing games, and all very difficult to find. One of the few franchises I know of that've seen more consistent releases in Europe than the US.

Immortal Kaim3517d ago

Whilst I enjoyed illusion of Gaia, Terranigma (imo) was head and shoulders above it. It is one of the greatest gaming experiences on the Snes.

NDoerrFans3517d ago

I agree with you, but being in the US, I could only play it via emulation and for some reason, that's just not the same =). It is definitely a leap up from IoG, that is for sure.

Immortal Kaim3517d ago

Yeah, it is a strange situation given the usual occurrence of games going to the US and sometimes not making it to EU/Aus...

I suppose you do have the option of buying a converter to play PAL games on your SNES? I agree with emulation, it doesn't feel the same. :)

I always like having discussions with old school RPG fans, as it seems to be a niche genre. What other classic RPG's do you like? Secret of Mana is one of my favourite games of all time, Lufia II is another classic... So many great games.

NDoerrFans3517d ago

Secret of Mana is good, and to be honest, I was going to write up a double feature of Lufia I&II in the coming weeks. Lufia II is in my top 10 games of all time. Probably the first game I got really "emotional" over. Since I played it before Lufia I, I was totally blindsided by the ending. It crushed me.

I'm also a HUGE fan of the Genesis Phantasy Star games. Still not sure why they haven't tried a non-MMO Phantasy Star V yet.

Hrmm... It'd probably be best to PM me if you want to talk more. I can see myself filling up this entire comment page with games/recommendations/etc.

And hey, thanks for reading the article! Glad to find a fellow nostalgic gamer.

Immortal Kaim3517d ago

No worries mate. I was the same with Lufia 2, played it first and it definitely left an impact.

If you do write that article, feel free to PM the link, would be happy to read it.

Have a good one. Cheers

ps3d03516d ago

I actually still have my copy of this game.

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specialguest3517d ago

I was just thinking about this game earlier today and now it's posted on N4G. I must find out what this hidden power of mine stems from and how to use it at will.

Highatus3517d ago

I just finished this game again :D

ChickeyCantor3516d ago

Recently replayed it, i'm still waiting for my "Illusion of Gaia: insert title" ...or... Illusion of Gaia 2.
Awesome game, Although its called Illusion of Time here in Europe.