Square Enix Now Mainly A Portable Developer

When looking through a list of Square Enix games that have been released or are in development on their official Japanese website, it was actually quite surprising to see how things have changed so dramatically in one generation. Squaresoft, Enix and then Square Enix were all strong supporters of the Playstation 2 and other home consoles such as the NES and SNES. However, this generation has seen a stark change in Square Enix's process and they've gone completely against their strategy for the previous 20 years.

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ShawnCollier3518d ago

I wonder how good/badly that's affected their bottom line. Anyone know of the current stats for the revenue from the portable games?

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ChefDejon3518d ago

but right now im playing through crisis core and its pretty damn good

Fishy Fingers3518d ago

Doesn't surprise me to much to see them largely focussed on the portable market. The games are cheap to produce in comparison and Japan in general seem to have a love affair with gaming on the move.

hay3517d ago

That's exactly what I wanted to write...

SpoonyRedMage3518d ago

Well I think it was a good move, especially with the longer dev times and larger dev costs associated with HD gaming it was a good move to support the DS and PSP mostly and I don't think they've put a bad game on the portables yet? I mean even Chocobo Tales is enjoyable.

mephman3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

That's fair enough, but it's odd that none of the other big Japanese developers are really following suit. Either Square Enix is stealing a march on them, or Square Enix is going in completely the wrong direction.

SpoonyRedMage3518d ago

Good point, it could go either way. With the ever present and growing portable market(150 million units so far) compared to home gaming(100 million) it seems like the portable market is going to be becoming a much more significant market and if Square Enix manage to get to the top of the chain good for them.

If however portable games aren't profitable enough, or the ipod/phones/free games take significant market share it could end very badly.

I think I prefer portable gaming all round though.

N4g_null3518d ago

FF13 takes a lot of people to make! Lots of people! Then on top of that people still have to keep putting out their other games also. The team has to be pretty strained. They recently expanded to CA and yes they are hiring also! If you got the skill CA has the bills.

Seriously all of you guys forgot about this

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. It seems like it's getting close to being finished also. Now all we would need is a secret of mana also multiplayer!

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Selyah3518d ago

Pretty interesting, it comes as no surprise that they are backing the DS considerably in terms of the volume of titles they've put out on it especially in Japan. I imagine we'll probably see a shift in this trend albeit maybe not drastic sometime towards the later half of this year and 2010. Then again I don't really know how much of a line they have on the portable side either for this year and next year.

mephman3518d ago

They have a fair few games coming out still, two Kingdom Heart's games, Agito and the new Parasite Eve.

SpoonyRedMage3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Don't forget Dragon Quest IX. It's set to be epic.

@V: Me too, I think it may be one of the biggest releases for the DS, especially in Japan where they'll be qeueing all night for it.

mephman3518d ago

I'm still eagerly anticipating Dragon Quest IX's sales figures.

Selyah3518d ago

Totally forgot about Parasite Eve I'm actually looking forward to that.

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