Top 5 best looking games coming to the Wii

TVGB: Until EAD Tokyo reveal their follow-up to Super Mario Galaxy and Retro Studios unveil their next opus now that the Metroid Prime trilogy is complete, it seems third parties have all the strongest contenders for the best looking upcoming Wii game. Despite not having the raw horsepower of the HD consoles, some new titles on the horizon are showing just how underutilized the Wii hardware has been so far. Here's a rundown of the top five prettiest games coming to the Wii.

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Myst3493d ago

Being the Monster Hunter Fanboy that I am I would put it at the top :p

TIKUP3493d ago

super mario galaxy is still holding its own in the graphics departure and it came out in 2007!!!!!!

heroicjanitor3493d ago

Are games that actually make me think the wiimote is useful, like when I first played wii sports and I thought that was the start and it would only get better, but it seems that was the limit of it's motion sensing. I have the ps3 for graphics and storylines so I want a good multiplayer motion-sensing game for the wii.

bigjclassic3493d ago

and to the guy above me, play DBZ BT3 or any of the Wii fighters, they make great use of the Wiimote. Alos, WiiMotion plus is soon about to drop.

heroicjanitor3493d ago

It was pretty good but my friends are useless at it and don't want to play it with me:( They also hate animes but Brawl is still top of the pile for me although it doesn't use motion-sensing

Tachyon_Nova3493d ago

That you could go back 10-20 years in time and still be playing the games (by games, I mean games and not 'apps' like WiiFit) on the Nintendo console of the time as you can on the Wii today. As a junior gamer, I became bored of Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, etc, and nothing revolutionary (and fun) has been added to these titles recently. The success of the Wii has in my view something to do with the fact that adults that gamed as a child but not since will recognise titles they played as a kid and be influenced to by the console. Ninetendo need to bring out some new IP's, as does Square Enix with the Final Fantasy series, seriously, 13 is just too many, but at least the FF series has for the most part been an enjoyable experience.

ChickeyCantor3493d ago

"That you could go back 10-20 years in time and still be playing the games (by games, I mean games and not 'apps' like WiiFit)"

Are you sure about that?

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