Playstation Home: Alphazone 2 images leaked

A few images leaked from the home Alpha zone 2

Looks like a game show to me
what do you think ?

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NJShadow3518d ago

These look legit and they coincide with the flash of the yin-yang sign in an early trailer for Xi. Nice find.

Milky Joe3518d ago

I just laughed when I saw TedtheDog acting all incognitus trying to get info out of the guy. For those who don't know, he works for SCEE and is the one that talks to us on the Official EU PS forums. :shame:

TIKUP3518d ago

now this is what im talking about
home will become the next big thing with spaces like these
also the new EA space rocks!!!!

Dom63903518d ago

The alpha area 1 has been fully unlocked now so it would make sense to open the new one. I'm expecting this to be open new week for everyone :)

ironmonkey3518d ago

if sony wanted to add 1vs 100 games they could easily do it on home

cliffbo3518d ago

it's already been lined up for Buzz...

Spike473518d ago

Personally I always nitpick on Home simply because it annoys me how many people in Home simply don't use it the right way.

However, as a community for PS3 owners, I think it is a success.

Milky Joe3518d ago

I think it's great. I spent about 4 hrs on there once just talking to this guy about religion and a whole load of crazy stuff. That's what Home is about. It's not just playing mini games by yourself, it's about talking to people. The haters just don't use it wrong.

HBK6193518d ago

The biggest issue with Xi for me is the location, nobody really knows about it, sure if you read n4g you might, but so many of my fellow gamer friends(All my friends on the PS3) either didn't know about it, or just didn't know where to go to actually access it.

I know it is supposed to be this whole incognito like space and it is pretty neat the way it is done, but how are people really supposed to know that some graffiti on a wall can be accessed, would like a proper doorway to Xi, just to get it out there as it is a fantastic space with some ripping mini-games and puzzles.

Redempteur3517d ago

By talking to others players maybe ?

i mean i was looking for the yellow paper friday , and i met another guy ..i told him i was doing a quest on Xi ... he asked me what Xi was ..i showed him the way to the entrance hub ...

I mean isn't that the most obvious solution when you find people in the "man-hole " with no clue how to proceed next ?

n4gn4gn4gn4g3518d ago

Xi storyline a game show.

(Though they could easily add a Wheel of Fortune/Jeopardy (SONY properties) area to home but won't because idiots are paying $15 for those games instead)

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The story is too old to be commented.