David Jaffe & HipHopGamer Together For A Classic Interview You Don't Want Too Miss

David Jaffe & HipHopGamer Discuss God Of War, Multi-Platform Development, Gamestop and more. Eat Sleep Play Is Going To The Top

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Fragking283491d ago

I Dare you guys to say hiphopgamer isnt credible now!!!!

Hiphopgamershow and the bitbag for life!!!

Big Tor i see ya we comin up!!!

George Costanza3491d ago

In the comments of the motherf*** post (can't post the link because of N4G censor) HHG was basically begging for a interview, in the dudes comments section to boot...

I respect Tor, hes a cool guy who keeps it real, I like HHG's new angle but not his flamebait tactics.

Chubear3491d ago

That's hot. Now thats what I call an interview - REAL STUFF FOR REAL GAMERS, not all this high end top gaming media bs.

Fragking283491d ago

Wait so George u believe other journalists do not ask repeatedly for interviews cause if so you couldn't be farthest from the truth.

George Costanza3491d ago

I never said they didn't, but in the comments section of his blog post?

Fragking283491d ago

hey man anything you need to do you do it but love you pic G.

JOLLY13491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

I think you mean "don't want to miss". Welcome to the english language.

Lfmesquite3491d ago

That Jaffe has anything to do with Hiphopgamer.

Megaton3491d ago

HipHopGamer isn't credible.

I'm about 47 minutes into the vid, good interview, but HHG's obnoxious attitude does get on my nerves ('THIS IS CRAZY MAN KEKEKEKE SO CRAZY RIGHT NAO'). Nothing against the guy personally, cause you can tell he does have a legit passion for gaming, which is great. However, he needs to clean house on his site if he plans on gaining any credibility as a journalistic source. Tards like MattG and Agent-X are the biggest perpetrators of idiocy over there, and a big part of the reason why they're so hated here.

INehalemEXI3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

I never even thought of a twisted metal where you get out of the car..That is something to think about how this could be possible and still have that core Twisted gameplay.

I think you just would not want that option in Twisted metal though because if you get out of your car your body just can't mitigate the amount of damage say ...warthog is going to dish out. Then again axel was pretty wide open between those 2 big wheels.

If anyone can make it work though I'm sure its Jaffe and Eat Sleep Play. Just keep it twisted huh.

Jerry Seinfeld3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

How should he have asked for an interview? Show up at his house and knock on the door? Perhaps telepathy would have been the better route?

George Costanza3491d ago

Jerry, they have something called e-mail now! Remember that time you emailed Fox your idea about a cartoon about nothing and then they made Family Guy?

Jerry Seinfeld3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

People have to arrange interviews in private or they get ridiculed by a man who lives with his parents?

I'm surprised you even know what e-mail is. You'da probably sent him a letter in a poisoned envelope.

George Costanza3491d ago

Well for someone who runs around telling people how professional he is and how he is a journalist almost every hour yes he should be doing better then begging in the comments section of a guys blog.

Wel oh yea,...I had sex with your wife!

xxBATTLECATxx3491d ago

seriously even if you dislike HHG, you have to give him credit for doing his thing. i mean for once, theres actually a face we can put into videogame journalists and puts himself and his cred on the line when he posts his shows every sunday. he likes what he likes and he says it like it is. no fanboy BS.

bpac1234567893491d ago

Blu-ray. It's obvious it does help the system from a game perspective, (Think of Mgs4 and Killzone 2) and besides that one of the main reasons i bought the ps3 was for the hi definition movies. Sure downloaded hd content is alright but it doesn't hold a candle to blu-rays sound and picture quality. i don't regret for a second that the ps3 cost me more becasue of the blu-ray it was well worth the price. Dvd-9 is last generation technology and as games get bigger It's going to suffer, i don't wan't the ps3 to be limited by it and blu-ray really shows off my hdtv and is second only to a movie theater.

FlameBaitGod3491d ago

To have more than 50 mins of interview with some 1 like David Jaffe is impressive i have 2 say.

- Ghost of Sparta -3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

To score an interview like this with God of War creator David Jaffe is pretty cool. I don't hate Hip Hop Gamer, I just hate when he thinks that it's okay for his writers to create BS stories like these...

N4G wasn't made for that. Why not stick to previews, reviews, etc? Nevertheless, good interview.

pwnzter3490d ago

sure he gets famous game developers as guests, but that doesn't change the fact that all his shows are based on SPECULATION/RUMORS and NOT FACTS. THEREFOR, HE IS STILL NOT CREDIBLE. he is just full of shyt, aswell as his fanboy staff.

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Fragking283491d ago

Hey Tor he didnt lie on the warzone when he said this was big.

Good job HIPHOP!!!!

3491d ago
Fragking283491d ago

wtf are you talking about im talkin about hiphop's announcement on the warzone that today would be big for him a-hole.

Andronix3491d ago

Look. I understand that not everyone is a fan of the HipHopGamer, that not everyone likes his blend of videogame news, but then we live in free countries (probably) nobody is forcing us to watch his show. Sure you can be petty and criticise the man for not always using a spell checker but that is not seeing the big picture. For me, I've got to be honest, I love what he is doing. He has a genuine passion for videogames. He wears his heart on his sleeve. Every week he comes, he talks and he shares his opinions. You don't have to agree with everything he says, I often don't. But I have nothing for RESPECT for the HHG for breaking down barriers, coming out each week to talk to us about something we all love -games.

InfectedDK3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

I couldn't agree more.
You sound like someone from my country.

HBK6193491d ago

I agree, HHG definitely is a gamers gamer, however he is insanely stupid at times, and to a very high degree too.

I don't mind someone who has a passion for gaming, somebody who loves every game who comes out and someone who plays games just because they are damn fun, but I don't appreciate when he comes out and says all the purely inflammatory stuff that he does post JUST FOR HITS, it is just wrong, too many times the stuff he writes and videos are purely for the sake of internet ratings, not to mention the insane amount of junk that is paraded as fact.

I don't mind HHG giving his opinion on many things(Whether or not they are right or very wrong is besides the point), just that the news aimed purely to get the hits and start all these flame wars, it's just not on, we need more of this sort of stuff, interviews, ACTUAL FACTUAL news, that is what HHG can do well, that is what HHG could make a reputation on, there is no need for all the 'most hits' flamebait to be put up here 90% of the time.

Christopher3491d ago

I mean, I get your point. He's a video game lover, he does what he wants to show his love for video games. But, honestly, I don't care about his passion, I care about whether or not he

A) is Entertaining
B) brings me credible news
C) provides constructive debates on games

To all of those, I can say he doesn't bring what I'm looking for. So, great, he's got passion. Doesn't change how much I hate his site/show nor does it garner any respect from me for what he brings to the gaming community.

KwietStorm3491d ago

I couldn't care less about his passion. That was never up for debate. Dude is just annoying and unprofessional as hell. He embarrasses me. I can only imagine what goes through some of the people's heads when he is in their face, interviewing them.

Matpan3491d ago

I sure love your avatar!! Monkey Island is the best videogame franchise probably. As for hiphopgamer... I just can´t bare the picture in his homepage... He hanging out against that wall with his Bro´ attitude... is there a need for that pic?... why not something videogame related?...

That alone keeps me out of the site... not to mention the unprofessional way he carries it along...

KwietStorm3491d ago

Bro' attitude? Are you serious?

Matpan3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

yeah, he looks like a stereotype. Mind, I live outsiede the USA, that might help make it feel more obvious to me :P
and anyway... I sure got it wrong with the "bro" thing... I was just trying to say he looks too much like a fake character.

Matpan3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

not being american I am sure I missused the expression or used one left behind in the mid 80s... go figure :P

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xabmol3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

HHG - "Say, "It's Gangsta."

Jaffe - "No"

That^ was great. LOL! xD

I wouldn't have said it ether. Not a fan of HHG's style(the hip hop side at least), but I like his shows.

Keep it up HHG! Can't wait for that E3 coverage!

whothedog3491d ago

David Jaffe is the man!

we need another Twisted Metal, Black was the sheet!