Sony's To-Do List at E3 2009

E3 2009 will be a turning point for Sony. Here are a few announcements they must make during the event in order to make a triumphant return to the console wars race.

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Why o why3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

more games...... check

playable games......check

new game announcements.....check

new psn announcement.......check

IF this is what happens then im GOOD.

doctorstrange3519d ago

Can't see a flaw in logic, as long as there's tons of great games I'm happy

Freak of Nature3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Everything you said, and to narrow it down for most wanted....

Team ICO

Uncharted 2

Ratchet & Clank: ACIT


Quantum Theory


And new news on a very strong Multi-plat line-up...

Beyond good and evil 2
Assassins creed 2
Dark void
Dead rising 2
Brutal legend
Bioshock 2

And bring Demon souls to NA and EU..... And show us something on War devils....

Cambridge studios should also be showcasing,perhaps Sir Drake of Medievil will be back? Or a new IP in the same style and genre?

Now if Insomniac can show us that rumored new IP (act/RPG/platformer) and Media molecule can give us more LBP content and a "glimpse" into an all new plarforming Ip that would be out of this World...

InfectedDK3519d ago

Sorry but...
The article is kind of weak..
Although they make some great ones sometimes..

XLiveGamer3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

if Microsoft Xbox 360 drop some big bombs at E3 2009... watch for a massive suicide climbing rate in 2009 and 2010.

Come on people its just gaming consoles, there is a lot of more important things to care and pay attention in life and do positive things about it. WAKE UP!

3519d ago
Unicron3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Yes, there are more important things, def. But as the above poster said, I don't see SONY hyping anything. I see N4G and a bunch of blogs hyping things left and right for all consoles. There's a disconnect there, and smart gamers/readers really need to start noticing that separation between what a company says, and what a bunch of people on a board say.

I want to see what MS brings to the table at E3. I can't wait, as more games = more happy gamers. If their "big bomb" is another multiplatform title or a year old PS3 port, well, sadly two things will happen -

1)The media will hype it up as "zomg giant bomb! PS3 is doomed again!" regardless of what the game actually is. Expect the BS blog rate to increase before anything else.

2) I will be utterly disappointed. Bring on Alan Wake already!

Why o why3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

more quality exclusives. We have games to get hyped about, you have what exactly? I mean, no offence but you're waiting for e3 for announcements of games that might not see the light of day till next year or beyond ala 08's FF announcement. I want to play more games on top of the multiplatform stuff. Im getting hyped. sony are not hyping. I remember what greenberg was saying at the front end of the year and we like suckers fell for it. People of your type labled the console WITH the actual games 'waitstation' ironic now its all about 'teh salez' not 'teh exclusives' anymore. Drakes.... this year, Ratchet...this year, Infamous... this year. I dont need to list them all, my point is obvious.

XLiveGamer3519d ago

This place its like a nursery of PS3 grown up fanatics.

Why o why3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

than a wannabe patcher/shareholder. I play with a pad, you play with a calculator. I play games, you play numbers and predict suicides :) So what if we are getting hyped for games. What exactly is wrong with that. If i didn't see 360 guys hyping alan wake forza 3 plus.....erm....u know..... those other games i'd almost agree with ya in terms of setting ourselves up for disappointment BUT thats not the whole picture now is it. What makes the difference is that there are more titles on sony's side to get, 'rightly or wrongly', hyped about. Both sides hype stuff EVEN DLC yes DLC. Nothing wrong with that in your eyes i suppose ???

look at your own comments before you lable others.

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Lucreto3519d ago

Ever since the Heavenly Sword LBP pack I noticed a rise in interest in the title on other forums so I am hoping there will be a Heavenly Sword 2 this year.

freediro3519d ago

Sony already knows what to do and has been doing it for a while now, they are giving us the games WE want, and they are actually making GOOD games!

They could only show footage of some of the upcoming games and just announce a few others, give us some release dates and they would "win" E3!

360isthebestps3sucks3519d ago

ps3fanboys will have many disappointments in e3 ... lol

eagle213519d ago

PS3 already won E3 like last year. MS are cowards, stealers, and losers. :)

NegativeCreep4273519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Because having an abortion and flushing your fertilized egg down the toilet was on it.

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