Games On Smash: Top 10 Video Game Icons

From Atari to PS3, there has been thousands of video game characters over the years. Not all of them are memorable enough to be considered an icon, however these 10 are. Blade206 and WorseCase compile a list of the top 10 video game icons.

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ape0073494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

is one of the best "new" characters

see this


amazing list btw

Unicron3494d ago

I'd add Nathan Drake. Probably the best new character created this generation I feel.

ape0073494d ago

also nathan is a fantastic character

Gun_Senshi3494d ago

niko bellic is the most horrible protagonist in GTA series..

DevastationEve3493d ago

go see just about any b action movie and mix in a little tomb raider. same dialogue preferences, same mark wahlberg/action movie star wannabe hairstyle, same oneliners. i mean even max payne did it better than this guy. max payne deserves notice BEFORE this guy.

it's a fun game but you can find the same characters in "burn notice". the young guy, the old guy, and the girl. only difference being that girl in burn notice is hotter.

The Matrix3493d ago

# 1 and 2: Lara Croft's Breasts

kewlkat0073493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

keep "Nathan Drake" off there with one adventure game under your belt nobody knows who that guy is...

These are ICONS. Household names..some have saved their console makers.

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Mucudadada3494d ago

One major thing I would change would be to replace Kratos with Samus. I think he is just a more recognizable and interesting character all around. That's just my 2 cents. Great list, though.

LightofDarkness3494d ago

Nah, Kratos isn't really all that recognizable yet. If anything, I'd swap Solid Snake and Samus around, Snake's more recognizable than Samus at this stage, especially after the current generation of gaming. I can think of very few people I know who'd know who Samus was, but they could nearly all recognize Snake. I'm glad they didn't include Cloud or Sephiroth as well.

ps3d03494d ago

I dont think samus shouldnt be on the list snake definetly shouldnt be on the list I take sf2 off too. Would replace those 3 with Megamen, Cloud and Marcus Fenix

Tony P3494d ago

Replace SAMUS with KRATOS? Are you MAD?

Actually, I have a hard time pinning down a memorable Sony icon other than Snake (although of course he isn't exclusive to their brand).

Unicron3494d ago

Ratchet & Clank, Jak and Daxter, Kratos.

Max Power3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Marcus Fenix?

cranium3493d ago

They should have had at least 1 Naughty Dog/Insomniac character on this list. Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Ratchet or Jak could have all worked.

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Cryptech3494d ago

No Gordon Freeman? Say it ain't so!
His crowbar is more of an icon than most of those on this list.

Dmack793494d ago

Who's Gordon Freeman? lol

table3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Sure Masterchief is cool, but come on, Snake sh*ts all over Masterchiefs space suit.

Edit: Whos Samus... or should I say Seamus?

Edit2 @ below: I disagree. Your average person may have heard of halo, but if you said to them Masterchief they would look at you puzzled. I'd say the ones on that list that your average person who doesnt play games would know are;
- Lara Croft
- Pacman
- Mario
- Sonic

ps3d03494d ago

you can debate all you want over who is cooler but if you go and ask the average joe blow who snake is they will look at you like youre high. Ask the same person about master chief and they will instantly know who you are talking about.

Max Power3494d ago

but ask who Solid Snake is i am sure they will remember.

L-a-i-n3494d ago

Most people don't even know who Master Chief is. Halo is not known for its outstanding characters it is know for the great multiplayer aspect. To be honest if you asked the average person about games you would have Pac Man, Donky Kong, Mario, Zelda, Crash the classics are the most memorable icons in gaming.

table3494d ago

Even though Zelda is well known, Link is not well known. Same with Halo and Masterchief. Same with GTA and its characters.

DevastationEve3493d ago

here's the formula: it depends on the audience. who you ask.

mgs: VERY rated M game. what responsible parents buy MGS for their kids? also the controls and mechanics aren't as user friendly. it takes a real MGS player to get into the quirks and nuances of the MGS style of things. an acquired taste if you will. you have to be an intellect to fully enjoy Kojima's masterpieces.

halo: VERY NOT rated M game. i even know church girls who've played halo3. it's one of the easiest games to get into and hardest to master. TRUE fps gaming nirvana. add to that the fact that xbox live is the originator of true online gaming this gen and you see why everybody knows Master Chief.

now that we have the formula, it's easy to see why halo3 is considered more mainstream than mgs. mgs is a great game but it's refined nature and historic influence make it WAY more appealing to an older audience. so it really depends on who you ask.

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ChampIDC3494d ago

I wish Kirby could still be an icon. Nintendo basically took a dump on him. He's still my favorite Nintendo character. Everyone knew him when I was a kid, but they leave him backstage now. If it wasn't for Smash Brothers, the upcoming generation would hardly know him at all.

skip2mylou3493d ago

I LOVE KIRBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) i want some cooler games on Kirby. i also want a new tv show of kirby instead of old re runs

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