Dive Into Assassin's Creed II

PlayStation LifeStyle writes, "We've got an inside scoop on Ubisoft's upcoming title, Assassin's Creed II, and it looks like the team in Montreal really went all out this time around. As you may know, the main character in this installment is Ezio Auditore di Firenze. He's a much better swimmer than Altair ever was, and apparently more of a "ladies man". We'll let you speculate on the gameplay possibilities there.

What the developers really wanted with this game though is to give the player a greater sense of freedom than before, as well as increase the number of missions you can take part in. Repetitiveness was a big complaint with the first Assassin's Creed, so hopefully that problem has been eliminated in the sequel."

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DoucheVader3516d ago

Put in wrong section at first.

DJ3516d ago

So I'm really anxious to see what they do with AC II. The swimming mechanics caught my attention.

N4g_null3516d ago

Why is this listed under the Wii? I've heard nothing about this series appearing on the Wii. ASCRED is a normal map tour de force.
So you liked the swimming in that game huh? I though it was about wall climbing? I wonder how many people would buy part 2?

DoucheVader3516d ago

I believe they intend on having Wii and PSP for AC II.

josh143993516d ago

well i kinda liked the first. i just didnt like how crap and easy the combat was and the repetetiveness of the missions

DoucheVader3516d ago

They needed more missions. They could have just switched a few things up to at least dress up the missions in a different "wrapper" so to speak.

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The story is too old to be commented.