Street Fighter 4: Championship Mode Now Available... But No New Characters

The long-awaited announcement from Capcom about the Championship Mode for Street Fighter IV's update is now released free of charge today 26th April 2009.

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truehunter3192d ago

There suppost to be new character ??

I would love T Hawk & DeJay back along with Ibuki, Makoto and Elena.

Myst3192d ago

Oh man I would kill to have Elena back...Seeing as they said no new characters wondering if the new characters are going to be DLC somewhere down the line.

Marceles3192d ago

Yeah Ibuki would be nice, I wouldn't mind Alex and Yun as well. I don't know why they would expect new characters though since that was never a rumor.

rockleex3192d ago

Replay modes different on each system?

Baka-akaB3192d ago

I dont think they plan of ever adding SF3 characters if any .
It wasnt that popular to begin with .

TrevorPhillips3192d ago

i know they are bringing out 3 characters I only know that T-hawk is one of them

specialguest3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Please don't let one of the 3 be T-Hawk. T-Hawk was not one of the more popular characters out of the SF series.

(note: I didn't click the disagree button)

adnanrules3192d ago

this author a bit late it came on April 24th

HDgamer3192d ago

heh a free webs account.

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