The Future of Handheld Gaming

The Koalition - Comparing console usage to handheld usage, does handheld usage come anywhere close to being relevant in a gamers monthly playing average? Do people really take the time to put down the 360 or PS3 controllers and put handhelds into their gaming rotation. The main purpose of handhelds is entertainment on the go, but really. How often do people play their DS's and PSP's when out on the go? Do people find themselves playing handhelds only because they didn't want to feel like they wasted money, or do gamers just really enjoying playing handhelds games?

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xabmol3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

I have to take care of someone who is constantly in and out of the doctors office, so my PSP is a frikin life saver.

I'll admit that few portable games will take priority over my main console, but games like GOW:CoO, FF7:CC, and Patapon are just too good to put down when you get home.

Piracy is a pain for portable game devs. Hopefully the PSP2 & the next Nintendo handheld find a way to stop it, or at least make it a little difficult. It is seriously way to easy to mod the PSP. I modded my PSP in about 30 minutes. If we had to open up the PSP and do a hardware mod and add a new chip just to run some CFW a lot fewer people would be doing it. Right now it is just way too easy.


This is the future of handheld gaming.

fmills153519d ago

That eye thing is crazy. I'd need lasik surgery after i use it.