Xi opened early again by glitchers

Sony has had their Alternate reality game Xi going for about a month now and this is the second time users have managed to get into part of the game which was not supposed to be available yet.

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-EvoAnubis-3490d ago

And sony will have to drop the banhammer again, just like they did the first time.

Ngai3490d ago

instead of fixing the problem

LeeZer3489d ago

it's sony's fault. why not just not make the game space not live.

Redempteur3489d ago

because they are following a story and it's stupid to jump from chapter 10 to 15 without a good reason ?

Redempteur3489d ago

use of the 20 fragment glitch will get banned ..all of them it's not like they can't monitor where some players are in Home in the logs or something like that ...

or patch the glitch in the update ...

edgeofblade3489d ago

Looks like someone is playing the meta-meta game.