PlayStation Deals Update 4/26/09

It's a new week with new deals. This week Best Buy joins the mix with their fire sale. Now most of these games are unappealing, but there are a few gems especially the Soul Calibur 4 for $9.99. As always Amazon and Toys R Us are loaded with older game deals with a few new ones mixed in.

On top of all of the PS3 deals there are also a few PSP deals including a PSP bundle at Best buy, getting a price cut.

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DoucheVader3516d ago

LOL -- That Ferrari Challenge was pretty awful.

crck3516d ago

I got to best buy 2 minutes after it opened and it was flooded with nerds that had already picked the place clean. Did get Singstar vol. 2 and Folklore for $10 though.

ThanatosDMC3516d ago

I understand your pain. I didnt get Soul Calibur 4.

ButterToast3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

soul calibur 4 was sold out even before the doors opened. . . bunch of people rush in stop in front of PS3 section and stare. nothing.

I'll go back latter and get a rain check.

Jeff Goldblum3516d ago

I went to the opening at Best Buy thinking I would be the only one there.

There were at least 20 people there, waiting even before me. When the store opened they literally sprinted to the aisles.

When I got there, everything was picked clean. There was nothing. Even the crappy NFL 07 or w/e was gone. I saw 4 Asian guys with the list of Best Buy $10 games, stalking through the aisles.

It was a madhouse, and I was shamed from my victory.



ThanatosDMC3516d ago

The sales person told me they're getting shipments on Tuesdays and Thursdays but he said they're not sure if the $10 games are gonna be restocked since Best Buy is getting rid of those old games.

I kinda wish for Forced Unleashed. I played the Wii version... it was okay but according to Yatzee the PS3 version looks and plays better.

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Sev3516d ago

My best buy was picked clean too.

Harry_Manback3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

PS3: 007, Pure, and Soul Caliber IV
360: Fracture, and infinite undiscovery
Not too shabby for $50

Araceae3516d ago

Wow, there are a lot of good prices but not too many good games. Of course I already own any of the ones that I would have been interested in. Nothing really stands out as a must buy (even at the very low prices) for me.

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