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LusoGamer said: "Certainly have heard of Prototype, the new project of Radical Entertainment, a producer of Scarface: The World is Yours, and Activision. We are Alex Mercer placed on the skin that, once outside a normal resident of the bustling city of New York. However, Alex awakens in a strange setting, remember to make a morgue, and suddenly has some deficiencies, unwanted by him, but fundamental to the whole city. The character now has super-powers, and absorb the memories and disguise who is killed or even the ability to annihilate its enemies get a variety of ways (no human nature, let it be said)".

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Spike473494d ago

could possibly be anything bigger than another Crackdown or Hulk game. Yes, it's loads of fun, I see it, I see the potential, but it seems the game will just get old after a certain time playing. However, maybe some other people are into this kind of thing, personally, I'm done with these types of games.

"in light of deadly weapon, just as it does Hulk."

I hope this game proves me wrong though and that it will be a turning point for its subgenre.

farhsa20083494d ago

i dont understand why people say this game will get repetitive, how could it possible get repetitive with all the things this game has to offer, by your logic infamous should get repetitive too then huh?

cranium3493d ago

This will get repetitive in the same way that GTA4 got repetitive. An endless amount of things to do, but at the same time nothing to do. Same with inFamous, except I think that the karma system lends it a bit more replayability.

Phantom_T3493d ago

On one hand -
How good reviews for a game can come out before anybody can play a game (Halo 3,Killzone 2,)and be accepted as gospel
And on the other hand -
How good reviews for a game can come out before anybody can play a game (Prototype,MAG) and be criticized throughout.

See what I did there?
The only difference is one group is set in the "megahype" status and the other not.
I wish people would stop with all this defending and critisism that goes into some games before it's even out,and instead just play a game with an open mind and make there own judgement on it.
Since when did people stop trying games for fun,anyway?