Best Buy Kicks Off $9.99 Video Game Sale writes:

"BestBuy has kicked off their insane $9.99 Video game sale clearance!

They are featuring games on Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii, PS2, and Nintendo DS.

The sale is online and in-store, but get browsing quick as the selection will thin out quickly!"

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ThePlaystationFour3518d ago

There are more 360 games than Playstation 3, Playstation 2, and The Wii Combined!

I knew the 360 was worth nothing.

ShiNe-Box-3518d ago

It's actually a conspiracy. Microsoft is in bed with BB. Haven't you seen the Vista commercials. Most are filmed at Best Buy.

Heldrasil3518d ago

Or maybe it's the fact that the 360 actually has a good library?

Mikerra173518d ago

more games = more excess inventory
also alot of those games are older

skyfire22613518d ago

Yeah so good they had to mark it down to $10. :P

(yes i know this sale includes other systems too, it's just a joke put the pitchforks and torch's down people)

Blaze9293518d ago

all the good stuff is practically sold out already. On the edge of buying condemned 2...dunno...

ThanatosDMC3518d ago

Damn, i got there an hour late when it opened and i couldnt find anymore Soul Calibur 4 and Overlord. Since i wanted to buy something. I got Quantum of Solace with a XL shirt and Blitz 2.

Silly gameAr3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

I think the focus should be more on brand new games for $9.99, not which console has the most. 10 bucks for new PS3, 360, and Wii games is a hell of a deal.

ry-guy3517d ago

Wow. You fail at math.

Xbox 360 Games - 19
PS2 Games - 13
PS3 Games - 13
Wii Games - 5
DS Games - 21

CadDad3517d ago

NFL Head Coach 09
MLB 08 The Show
The Bourne Conspiracy

and.... (wait for it)

Petz Crazy Monkeyz (Wii) for the kids.

10 bucks! Couldn't go wrong!

I wanted the bond game as well, but all the copies were gone, I got there ~5-10 mins after opening.


solidsnakus3517d ago

....maybe its because theres 2x more 360 owners than ps3 in USA? i think that probably has something to do with that.

shadow27973517d ago

I got there around 11 and it was pretty picked clean, especially the 360 section. I did not expect so many people to know about it.

I still came away with:

Lost Planet
Blitz 2

Xbox 360:

Unreal Tournament III (After playing this for a bit, I'm wondering why I never tried it for PS3. It's a blast.)

I wish I had gotten Soul Calibur though. I should have bought online at midnight, that would have been the smart thing to do. Still, I can't complain, I got cheap games.

How in the world can they afford to do this?

player9113517d ago

I bought tons of games. It awesome. There were TONS of DS games. I loaded up on them. Prolly going to give away 90% of them on my website,

Very cool sale. I mean Quake Wars, Soul Calibur 4, Devil May Cry 4... for $10! How can anyone complain? As expensive as games are; maybe this will become a trend.

It does go to show what stores pay for some of that stuff.

ThanatosDMC3517d ago

Games are actually cheaper than how much it's being sold in retail stores or online stores. They just up the price for profit.

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dinkybond3518d ago

LOL...if you look at the pic real closely, she is holding like clothes. This is problably pick from Xmas sale for a department store.

Sitdown3518d ago

but its definitely from Christmas...and I am going to guess at Target.

Myst3518d ago

Hmm, Didn't really see anything I wanted..:/

dinkybond3518d ago

I was just in trying to get ahead of the pack on Saturday because I didn't know if get in on the deals Sunday. The sales guy told me buying early and price matching would not be allowed. Thats BS!! I thought because thats goes against their Best Buy policy. Spoke to another manager from another store and they have no choice but to give you the credit. SO buy early.

I found that some games that are not listed will be on sale and they are marked with a yellow Best buy circle sticker. I was told the Quantum of Solice(SE), the one with a free tshirt, is on sale not the regular version. Doesn't make sense but hey you get the game and shirt for $10..

Look for the yellow Best Buy sticker button!!!! $10

Got Already........
Soul Caliber IV
Quantum of Solice(SE)

Price Match later on the week...

Hutch23553518d ago

At my local best buy in Billings, Mt it was packed by the time they opened, there were guys grabbing all sorts of stuff. I got quantum for 360 and soul calibur for ps3. It was worth noting that I was only one looking at ps3 games, it was full of 360 boys talk about nerdsville this morning. They sold out in about 15 minutes for 360 games, still tons of ps3 and ds games though.

f7897903518d ago

But I did get Lost Planet, 007 w/ shirt :), and Soul Calibur IV for only $30 total. I also bought Resistance Retribution for $40. A PSP game cost more than three PS3 games.

Sheikh Yerbouti3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

I arrived at my Best Buy 15 minutes before opening, and I waited outside the door. Three other people were waiting too, but it turns out none of them were buying games.

Lucky me! I was in the PS3 section for five minutes rifling through cases for that yellow sticker - I picked that out right away. Five different guys came in behind me soon after I got all my picks.

A couple of the guys knew about the sale online. One had the circular, and was asking if it was a misprint. I thougt it was funny no one wanted to confirm the sale, like it was some secret.
So I told them about the internet buzz about it, the stickers, and promptly walked to the 360 section.

A Mexican guy was looking at the games, but walked on. I guess he didn't know about the sale. Again I had pick of the litter. But a minute later another Mexican guy came with the circular, no affiliation to other, and I had to explain the sale to him.

For my good deeds to native Hoosiers and Mexican-Americans alike:

Soul Calibur IV - PS3/360
Pure - PS3
Fracture - PS3
Turok - 360
Quantum of Solace - 360

Six games for the price of 1! 3 for me. 3 for a gaming buddy.

spectyre3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Picked up Lost Planet and Soul Calibur IV. We got there 10-15 min after they opened and it was picked through pretty good. Another notable deal is GTA:Chinatown for DS is $19.99.

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