Game on for Sony in Xbox's backyard

The Seattle Times writes:

Three years into the great console war - the battle for billions of entertainment dollars spent on video gaming - Sony's PlayStation 3 lags far behind Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's quirky Wii.

Chances of a Sony turnaround seem less likely than ever, given the weak economy and the PS3's relatively huge price tag - at $400, its entry-level price is double that of the Xbox.

But if it's going to happen, if the gaming goliath is to regain its footing, it may do so with help from a bunch of engineers in Seattle, many of whom left Microsoft to build their games in studios not far from Xbox headquarters.

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ultimolu3518d ago

"Chances of a Sony turnaround seem less likely than ever, given the weak economy and the PS3's relatively huge price tag - at $400, its entry-level price is double that of the Xbox."

Wow, no sh*t Sherlock, you came up with that by yourself?
The PS3 is doing pretty good with that pricetag. It could use a pricecut to do even better BUT it's hanging on.

Just bring on the games and I'll be happy.

Whitefox7893518d ago

I love how people are saying its a dying platform when it could be no better time then ever to own a PS3 this year with its killer lineup and maybe even more at E3 :D

Another relevance that pricing is not an issue is the fact its been outselling the Wii in Japan for several weeks, so from where I'm standing unless everybody in the world except me has a Nintendo Wii I think that the PS3 is indeed doing well

YungXclusive2K93518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Please omg

This guy doesn't know wth he's talking about

all i see is xbox has gears and halo gears and halo gears and halo

my son plays gears and halo xbox gamers play gears and halo this that stfu you don't know what the hell your talking about and your exaggerating ps3 being far behind to make a more interesting article. Media like this hyped people hating the ps3 and not giving it a legitimate chance with new ips like resistance and heavenly sword that got released with it.

Its 2009 i why i don't see this guy talking about ps3 having Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 and Metal gear solid 4 and all these AAA games.

This is why i hate the media cause it fulls people with misconceptions and stupid bull $hit just for hits. THe ps3 is not failing and it has better games that the 360. and im not a freaking fanboy i can tell the honest truth

I read the whole article and this guy is not giving credit to all the games ps3 has now instead hes not minding them to gain more interest in the article

YungXclusive2K93518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

THis is where the article fails

"Right now Sony needs to figure out how to get Wii owners to buy a PS3, and Wii owners aren't waiting for hard-core shooters or 'Grand Theft Auto'-type games as an excuse to buy a console."

wii owners don't buy games that don't include an Italian plummer or miis that try and help you "lose" weight

I agree until the article says "The PS3 is failing" when its not just so the article can have a hyped point of mag and infamous being saviors when the ps3 doesn't need any saving

DARKKNIGHT3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

"PROFFESIONAL" Analysts in november 2006:

"bluray is doomed.
bluray is not needed.
bluray will not benefit gamers.
cell cant provide high def graphics.
rsx is useless when compared to 360 gpu
rambus ram is useless, ddr3 is better
playstation3 is doomed.
bluetooth is useless.
ps3 is not futureproof.
ps3 games will always look like garbage in comparison to 360.
Sony failed and will step out of console development/ market."

LOL. what happened?

XxSpiiKeZxX3518d ago

why do these article put ps3 is doubled the price of xbox wen they are clearly talking bout the 360 that has no HDD....

even with a huge price tag ps3 manages to do the same numbers xbox did in 2 years and despite eeverything ps3 is dominating japan from a 250$ wii so wats the big deal???

Incognegro3518d ago

If you did then you would've noticed that it was directed more to how Sony is getting more support from former Microsoft workers. And even more so important with the fact that these companies are located pretty much right behind Microsoft who is located in Redmund, Washington.

There was nothing in that entire article about the PS3 failing in terms of sales. The only failure statement was a speculation about the possibility of these new games being developed in those specific locations not being able to push a substantial amount of PS3s. And even if they didn't, they still might have a big impact on popular culture.

The writer never said he believed the PS3 needs to go for the Wii's audience. Michael Pachter did. Hence his statements being put in quotations. You know.. the little symbols that look like " ". And why does the article need to mention games like MGS4, Resistance 2 or Killzone 2 when the article is mainly focused on the studios from Washington?

You guys need to get a grip. Not every single article about the PS3 is going to bash it. Either that, or just work on your reading comprehension.

RememberThe3573518d ago

Thank you.

@everyone: This isn't some crappy games blog. This is actual journalism, don't get it twisted.

Slime3518d ago

You wil never be happy.........until you get a 360.

Christopher3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

This is in response to comment #1 and not the article.

How can a machine that's been priced much higher than its primary competitor from the get go, going so far as the competitor showing losses in order to cut console prices to maintain a steady lead over the higher priced console, be considered losing when it was closing the sales gap it had from day one until the competitor decided to slash prices and take a loss in profits?

Day 1: 8 million unit gap

Year 1: 7 million unit gap

Year 1 1/2: 6.5 million unit gap

Year 2 3/4: 6 million unit gap; competitor cuts prices and takes huge loss in profits in doing so

Now: 8 million unit gap

Conclusion: Platform A has reasonably reduced prices in order to still make a profit while Platform B has reduced prices, sold limited versions of their consoles, put billions towards fixing console issues each year, and is now losing money on the majority of their console sales, but maintains the same lead it had to begin with. When Platform A does lower its console price, it's going to suck big time for Platform B.

Bubble Buddy3518d ago

That's why people who are good a BSing go to the newspaper and online news industry.

mynd3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

@ 1.9 -
"Conclusion: Platform A has reasonably reduced prices in order to still make a profit"- You must be reading different Sony Game profits than everyone else in the world. Sony's lost billons on the PS3 subsidising the Ps3. And you've go the gall to say MS are doing this?

You forgot to mention the bit where Platform A loses over 3 billion dollars closing the gap to 6 million, only to have it swept back up to 8 million in less than 9 months by Platform B who lost nothing in the last 9 months, but made 299 million?
All it tells me is people like cheaper prices. Regardless of platform.

All-33517d ago

Yeah it is... but so many also FORGET that Sony already --> DID drop the PS3 price from the initial launch price.

Despite comments to the contrary from the company president just a week ago, Sony on Monday cut the price of the 60GB PlayStation 3 by $100, while also introducing the 80GB version to North American consumers.

Christopher3517d ago

@1.11: PS3 didn't lose money on the consoles, it lost money on existing R&D (games, Home, etc.). The difference is that Sony reports for the PS3 as a whole all the time rather than by whatever inflated number will make people think everything is going great over at Microsoft.

Microsoft will fling console numbers at us, but in the last 8 months they've stopped throwing actual money figures at us because they walked away with a loss due to loss of profits on the cheapest console option and ongoing failure responses.

This works great for Microsoft since their primary audience is North America, and it's rare for most people here to take the time to actually read between the lines of figures thrown at them.

mynd3517d ago

@1.13 "PS3 didn't lose money on the consoles, it lost money on existing R&D "

Sony has SPECIFCALLY stated in thier finanical reports that 2bn and 1bn loss's were incurred because of heavily subsidising the price of the PS3.
Reality and you are miles apart on this one.

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Armyntt3518d ago

No offense to the Seattle Times but their opinion really doesnt count. Plus it kinda makes you wonder with MS right down the road.

L-a-i-n3518d ago

You are totally wrong about there option not mattering. Do you know how many game company's are in the washington area? There option does hold some weight in that area.


i bet if the article stated "ps3 is doomed", SEATTLE TIMES would then count to you guys as the holy bible.

disagree and steqal bubbles all you want. it CANNOT and WILLNOT stop whats happening in the industry at this point in time.

Sun Dance Kid3518d ago

^^DK that's a good to get disagree and steqal bubbles from xbots.
Couldn't N4G make an update that would show everyone who's putting all the disagrees? (it could reduce the fanboy disagrees) :D


My fellow s-platform fans dont bubble me up and allow me to speak. x-platform fans have reduced me from 8 to 3 bubbles because i have been right all along. They do it out of spite. i really dont care. They can steal my bubbles all they want, it wont make their selected platform invulnerable from rrod AND IT WONT MAKE THEIR GAMES LOOK LIKE KILLZONE 2 OR UNCHARTED 2.

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wicked3518d ago

I think if they were ex-employees of MS, then the chances are that their first project will be on the 360, as it's what they know. They probably have connects within MS and can get some funding if their idea is a good one.

PotNoodle3518d ago

Oh you mean how media molecule, a team made of up quite a few ex-microsoft employee's (lionhead to be exact) did their first game exclusivly on the PS3?


redsquad3518d ago

The way this bit is written:

"...Sony's PlayStation 3 lags far behind Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's quirky Wii."

...suggests that the Wii and 360 are tied for first place.

OGharryjoysticks3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

I guess this writer missed the latest revenue update again because this past quarter the Microsoft games division posted losses of something around 38 million.

Granted, there was one quarter they actually made money and that was the quarter before last however. For the past 2 quarters they have been losing money again.

drewsny3518d ago

It would be like a typical ps3 fanboy to skew the information in their favor, it is about 30 million in losses and if you want to talk about losses, lets talk about the disappointing killzone 2 numbers. Even though i expect you to respond with "but selling 1 million copies in a month is good" killzone 2's numbers were considerably lower than what was expected for the game of the century, amirite.

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