Conservative Phyllis Schlafly Talks Games with Fund Manager Who Claimed Homo-Eroticism in Army of Two

GamePolitics: "When an arch-conservative chats up a guy who thinks he detected homo-erotic overtones in EA's action shooter Army of Two, you just know that video games are in for a beat-down."

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devilhunterx3495d ago

1) Wrestling is homo-erotic

2) Almost all American male sports are homo-erotic

Heldrasil3495d ago

I could not agree with you more. Especially when you see them smack eachother on the ass for "doing a good job" or playing "shower room tag" with their towels. F*ck that.

Kakkoii3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

I'm sick of these idiotic religious people who think they have the right to impose their beliefs on other people.

Here's a good question to people like them. What makes your views more important than others? The fact is, they aren't. Because all they are is personal beliefs.

Wow.. just.. wow.. Read the first line in that PDF. If I was a psychiatrist I would sentence them to a mental hospital.

edit: Lol, this list is so ridiculous. They even have WoW in there. They try to find some vague way of saying a game has sexuality in it. Even if that means a girls midriff is showing.

Phantom_T3495d ago

WHEN will that woman in the photo EVER pick up a controller and play Army of Two.

Covenant3495d ago in St. Louis, it's the name behind a good beer...

...and arch-conservative politics. When she opens her mouth, the rational Libertarian in me cringes.

She could easily become another Jack Thompson. The woman almost single-handedly defeated the ERA in the 70s.

Pixel_Addict3495d ago

First, we'd would all have to agree homosexuality is something that can be learned or influenced- which it most certainly isn't. Then we'd all have to see the proof homosexuality is detrimental to humanity and is worse then poverty and war- it's not.

Schlafly is obviously out of her mind. Maybe loosing the Presidential election has driven her to see liberal conspiracies every where. A game isn't 'bad if it's full of violence, guns, blood and death, so long has it doesn't have some sort of lame useless gay agenda.

This is the backward logic of Christian conservative lunatics that has convinced me God does not truly exist.

Mr Marbles3495d ago

about backwards logic, then you go on to say that you let lunatics convince you that there is no God? How is it logical to gamble with the fate of your soul based on the ramblings of what you call lunatics?

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