Left 4 Dead's special units are more like cartoon super-villains than horror monsters

This article examines how the special units from Left 4 Dead take a player out of the games' immersion. Turning an otherwise horror title into a far less scary experience.

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Droid Control3494d ago

This guy hasn't got a clue.

Go make your own muti-million selling zombi game, ten come back and tell us what you did better and why is outsold L4D and scored higher among critics. Until then, STFU!

RustyAuto3494d ago

Wow, he does have a point when you think about it.

cRaZyLeGs 933494d ago

Left 4 Dead is my favourite game atm.

sulack3494d ago

wtf does that have to do with anything?

The Matrix3494d ago

I was just thinking about this last night when I was playing survival mode. There I was in a spooky forest trying to survive the enslaught of zombie hordes when a smoker grabs me from across the map. He pulls me to him and I chuckle as he beats the crap out of me with his arms while I'm still in his tongue chokehold. I turned from a survival horror to a comic book cartoon FPS.

TheRealSpy023494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

it's a 4 player co-op game.

it's not supposed to be's supposed to be intense.

and when you have guys who can make you a target for a horde of zombies (boomer) or a guy that can lunge at you and kill you in a matter of seconds (hunter), it keeps everyone tight and working together.

and if you think there isn't anything scary about it. i say put it on expert and separate yourself from your group by going to look for health or ammo. then tell me it doesn't scary the sh!t out of you when you hear the sound one of the special mobs makes.

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chrisgay3494d ago

I was really looking forward to L4D til they showed off the special units. The hunters seemed fine, but the others are silly, and for me, I wanted a more traditional zombie shooter- something like 28 Days Later, but in game form, obviously.

Clubptxxx3494d ago

Would the Versus mode still be fun if you were just a regular infected, running into the slaughter? Honestly, A few more skins would be nice, but as it stands right now, The game is FUN. You know, that thing that most other games on the market aren't?

chrisgay3494d ago

Since when did someone have to have done something better to have an opinion about something. I guess all ign's reviews are void as they've never developed a game...

Sangria3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Left4Dead never pretended to be a horror game, just see the very few parts of the game where there are blood trails. Valve wanted to do an interpretation of cinematographic clichés of zombies, and like any action movie, there are "bosses" against the hero will hardly fight.

For example if you take Die Hard movies, there is always the super-boss (Hans Gruber in the first Die Hard for example) and the eclectic evil acolytes (the chinese guy, the german brothers, the big black guy, etc...). Left4Dead took those boss clichés and zombified them.

Without them, Left4Dead would be more boring (and after all, why wouldn't it be permitted to have several kinds of zombie mutations?), i could even say that they are the main interest of the game, as the other generic zombies can be easily killed, they don't represent a real threat.

chrisgay3494d ago

Good points, for me personally, I think they should have made the typical zombies much harder and mix some hunter-esque zombies in there. Rather than just taking out the special units, change the normal zombies to be more interesting and provide a challenge.

ElectricB3494d ago

Got to agree with you there Sangria but the regular zombies to offer a threat if one catches you when trying to get away they slow you down adn mbo you leaving you open to specials.. either way L4D is a jab at clichés.. thought people would udnerstand that with the campaigns not linking yet using the same people..jsut mini action films with the token black guy, the girl, the war vet and some other guy..

Ghoul3494d ago

well said,

l4d was meant to be a persiflage of b movie zombie flicks. wich they perfectly achieved in my view

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