Console Monster: The Godfather 2 Review

Console Monster writes: "Just saying the word godfather should send chills down your back. Power, family's, guns, cigars and a really strong sounding italian-english accent throughout all spring to mind for me. This isn't the first outing for the Godfather though, as the original Godfather was also released a few years ago. Having not had the chance to play the original however I wasn't to sure of what to expect when I booted up the game.

My experience all starts off in Cuba, the crime capital, where you and a lot of the other families have gathered for a meeting. The meeting is however broken up by rebels who want to take back control of Cuba and get rid of the gangs completely. There's an explosion and the families decide to split like a banana and go their separate ways out of Cuba. This is when you, using your created player, become part of the story throughout the rest of the game as you flee to New York. One of the main men Aldo gets shot at the airport as you are trying to flee, so Michael, the Don of your family, promotes you to the Don of a new family in New York..."

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