VGC Review: Valkyria Chronicles - Behind Her Blue Flame

VGC writes: "Behind Her Blue Flame allows you to flip the tables on the normal Valkyria Chronicles formula and take control of the East Europan Imperial Alliance, which is cast as the evil oppressor throughout most of the main game. The only three characters that get to talk during the story sections, and have any kind of personality whatsoever, are: Selvaria, an engineer known as Johann, and his best friend Otto (who is a squad leader, although I only know this because of his red armor). Johann is transferred into Selvaria's squad as a replacement for her old engineer who was injured in battle. Selvaria's squad is then assigned to start the invasion of Gallia by attacking the border defenses. The goal of most of the missions is to get Selvaria to the Gallian home base by whatever means necessary. Beyond the normal conditions for losing the mission, you will also lose if either Johann or Selvaria are killed."

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News4fanboys3518d ago

not only does the game become BADASS and get praised but so does the DLC.

dang this game is one to remember allways in a true gamers heart.


axeru7773518d ago

I hope Sega will make a sequel