Halo Wars; The most wanted game

Gamer Limit writes "According to a recent survey conducted by the Nielsen Company even weeks after its release Halo Wars is the game most people are interested in buying. "

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SkankinGarbage3494d ago

Well, I'M certainly not interested, but that's more because I'm too snobby to believe that you can play an RTS game on console. I'll admit it - I'm biased. :P

IaMs123494d ago

I use to think the samething but after playing it they executed it very well and i believe yet again Halo has redefined another genre on the consoles. First with FPS and now RTS.

demonwor3494d ago

Well even though you are too "snobby" I was convinced that RTS can work on the console thanks to halo... now there is NO! forgiveness to those bastards who can't do it right!

Mikerra173494d ago

to play a real RTS you have to play it on the pc, anything else is a complete fail in my book,
If I played SC or C&C against someone who used a controler, it would be one of the funniest days in my life

I did not murder him3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

I don't think people or the devs care what you call a "real RTS"

The devs made an RTS for console gamers that may or may not game on PCs, at this point it doesn't matter so have fun on your PC :)

I guess you'll have to deal with it. I don't think your opinion will change the poll results.

ElementX3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Dune II: The Battle for Arakis was on Genesis. That's older than a lot of PC RTS games and the first RTS game I ever played. I bet most of you don't even remember that game. Hell it came out in '93. Most of you were probably in kindergarten

thetruthinator3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

I started off by making fun of Halo Wars because it wasn't a pc RTS or from blizzard. I downloaded the demo and it grew on pretty fast. Yes, it does lack some of the sophistication of Warcraft III, but it sure is fun to play. Most importantly, it has a good control interface making it MUCH easier to control than C&C on the 360.

^@ Element: You're totally wrong... i was in 1st grade

Revvin3494d ago

Anyone who thinks you can't have an RTS on a console really hasn't put too much thought into it, snobby or otherwise. The gamepad makes a great FPS controller - I say that as a die hard PC RTS fan from the first Command and Conquer, Warcraft and Age of Empires games right through to the current ones. All you need is an analogue stick for the mouse with two buttons to replace the mouse buttons, everything else is a bonus. Ensemble did a great job with the control scheme for Halo Wars making it fluid and simple to control your troops. Its not the perfect RTS but thats not because of the format its on just down to the design choices made but RTS games really do work on the console.

peeps3494d ago

Dune II was indeed on the genesis, but was also out for the amiga the same year, and for DOS a year before that...

Matpan3494d ago

Yup... played the game... I think in 94 (and it was released in that year too)... I was 13 then, and a real Sega fan :) I liked it quite a lot, though I was more into rpgs and platformers.

BTW, Halo wars is a neat RTS for a console!

M337ING3494d ago

ElementX, you fail.

Dune 2 was on PC before it even touched the Genesis.

ElementX3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

I simply said that it was a console RTS that was around back in '93. Just because it came out on DOS doesn't mean that my comment fails. I was just telling people that RTS games have been on consoles for a long time, longer than people may realize.

I said Dune II was older "than a lot of PC RTS games". I didn't say there weren't any PC RTS's around back then.

All-33494d ago

The difference is that Halo Wars is a real-time strategy game and when it hit the the one million unit mark in worldwide sales, it became the best-selling game of its kind on current generation consoles... while Killzone 2 is a FPS, which supposedly is a much more popular genre on consoles.

Marceles3493d ago

Halo Wars is pretty good for an audience of people who aren't familiar with an RTS. Ensemble did a good job with the controls while keeping it simple, which was pretty much the only thing people were trying to flop about the game. The snobby RTS gamers probably wouldn't like it though since it might be too easy for them since it's not as deep.

f7897903493d ago

I just can't enjoy anything else.

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DNAgent3494d ago

Halo Wars is the most wanted game?

Did toilet paper suddenly get expensive?

I did not murder him3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Halo probably outsold Killzone 2. So Killzone 2 is cheap one ply toilet paper then?

You're mad because that garbage took 5 years and over an hundred people to make and it flopped. That over hyped garbage was broken and everybody knows it hence the sales of Killzone 2.
A console RTS is more fun than boring ass Killzone 2. Its eating you up inside isn't it.

DNAgent3494d ago

Wii Fit outsold both of them. I don't care about sales because more sales doesn't mean that it's the best game ever or even close to it.

Killzone 2 is much more like a cookie. It's a delicious snack that you can come back to time & time again. Halo Wars also has it's place too because I gotta wipe my ass with something and it might as well be something that I won't mind throwing away.

But you're mad because although Halo Wars outsold Killzone 2, Killzone 2 is still the better game and the best FPS this gen. Having no games this year is really eating you up inside isn't it?

JQ3494d ago

I'm with SkankinGarbage. Halo Wars never really entered my radar.

Jaces3494d ago

That's not what Gamestop said when I noticed nothing but rows and rows of Halo Wars sitting there....but w/e.

Halochampian3494d ago


most wanted game means it is wanted; not that I am going to the store and buying it now

Jaces3494d ago if it's so wanted then why aren't people going out buying it like crazy then?

Unless most of the buyers are underage minors with no job...then that would make sense.

cherrypie3494d ago

> then why aren't people going out buying it like crazy then


You _have_ seen the sales figures right?

Over a Million in Sales after two fracking weeks:

Halochampian3494d ago


Some people are in college or have other priorities that they must take care of before they can go out and spend $60.

I cant afford to get every game that I want.

I am sorry that you have all the money in the world for yourself to go out and get every game you want.

Jaces3494d ago

...Yea whats your point. KZ2 broke 1mill too.

Big deal. So let me break it down for you,

+1 Million == you shut-up.

@Halochampian: Well the website does say it all, so it must be true.


I mean people are dying to get there hands on Dragonball: Evolution, so it must be in the top 10 right now, eh?

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chrisjc3494d ago

Halo Wars minus Halo mythology equals very mediocre RTS.

True story. I was there.

kaironn3494d ago

Very true. I couldn't stomach more than a few hours of this game before I was crawling back to my PC with a Warcraft III iv stuck in my arm.

Dont BE mAdd3494d ago

Just shows how powerful the halo brand is...all your proving is nothing can compete with the juggernaut...

I did not murder him3494d ago

That was about as retarded as somebody saying minus the Final Fantasy mythology the games would be mediocre.

The devs pulled it off and finally made halo as it was intended to begin with.

Mikerra173494d ago

Unfortunately the mediocre franchise that is halo, was reconized first and the people followed.
Im just glad I didnt fall for the trap.

Matpan3494d ago

Fall for what trap? Since when is a mithology behind a game a trap? It´s not like you are following a sect or anything by liking a game or not.

Look, I´ve played games for over 20 years now... Loved a lot of "universes" "sagas" "stories" call it whatever you like. Halo does one FINE job at it. The masses backing that up is a testament to a well written game (be it simplistic or not, but effective nontheless).

Rainstorm813494d ago

If you put the FF mythology in a racing game = Epic Fail. So do not act like the mythology of any game is enough to make a game great.
even though i feel Halo Wars dosent fit as a Failure. If you think so i know you are hoping for
Halo Racing : Spartan vs Covenant LOL

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Dimly3494d ago

I believe Halo Wars has received far more attention than it ever deserved. Why fuel the flame?

demonwor3494d ago

If someone likes it and wants to contribute to hype then so be it... just don't do it on my lawn!