High Voltage to make some "cool announcements" at E3

High Voltage's Chief Creative Officer Eric Nofsinger has stated that the company will be making some "cool announcements" at this year's E3.

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SinnedNogara3522d ago

Hopefully they have some playable multiplayer for The Conduit. The game comes out two weeks later anyway.

I hope they announce some "GOOD" WiiWare (no Evasive Space 2, please). Maybe Nintendo raised the memory limit and "Animales de la Muerte" will be WiiWare again. It won't sell on disc, that is obvious.

Maybe a TPS (oh god, I hope so).

Smacktard3522d ago

..Then where would the appeal in the game lay? The only appeal is that The Conduit will have great controls and great graphics for the system it's on. If it were announced that it's going to the PS3 and/or the 360, then you'd be left with bum controls and bum graphics. It's about as smart a marketing move as... well, I guess selling your product at a loss. (hurr)

SinnedNogara3521d ago

Have you seen the weapons in The Conduit like the Shrieker and De-Atomizer. They use the Wii's motion controls. What would you use on the PS3 and 360?? Sixaxis (sucks)??

And there are 40 FPS games on the PS3 and 360.