FF7's Cloud spotted in BSG spin-off, Caprica

Battlestar Galactica and gaming culture seem to go together like carrots, celery and onion (what, mirepoix too fancy for ya?). And so it's with little shock that we bring you the screen you see above from the upcoming Battlestar Galactica spin-off series, Caprica, captured by a gracious Joystiq reader. Is that ... Cloud? Cloud Strife? It is! Well, sorta, kinda

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4pocalyps33490d ago

just because it appeared on one tv show in one episode its now news worthy? i got a feeling people are going to start pullin remakes outta their a55es just because of this one shot -_-'

Myst3490d ago

I swear this Final Fantasy VII's like Cloud is slowly starting to turn into 'Big foot sightings' >_>.

WhittO3490d ago

lol !

Also, BSG is a Fraking AMAZING show ! Saw the Caprica pilot the other day and that looks like its gone be great too, doesnt start till 2010 though!

Myst3490d ago

You know I have never seen that show at all, being that summer is coming up I feel like I should start watching some of the episodes at least. I keep hearing quite a few good things from it

WhittO3490d ago

i know, i kept reading how good it was on a tv site but the name sounds so crap haha, but downloaded it anyway, first pilot thing is like a movie and was good. But when you get to season 1, it just gets better and better and it will be your fav show by the end of season 1 lol. Then Season 2 gets even better, then the 3r,4th, just all amazing lol.

Myst3490d ago

lol I suppose I'll be watching Star Gate when I go visit my grand mother's farm. Just rent seasons if possible as well as movies and I'll be set.

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