Games Abyss: Star Ocean: The Last Hope Review

Still, it would be a crime not to mention that many of the great things about Star Ocean are hindered by poor design choices and time-consuming cheap deaths. But for the players that tough it out, there is a decent game worth playing here. Just don't stare into Captain Grafton's oversized, lifeless eyes. Your brain will melt.

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moja3523d ago

Was this article based on SO4 or Eternal Sonata? C'mon now..

I've clocked over 27 hours and I'm just on disk 2. With Edge already being at level 42 the game seems less challenging at this point, but it's massively more fun than Infinite Undiscovery still. Oh, and Myuria is hot.

dafonz3523d ago

Sorry, not sure how the wrong screenshots got in there, but its fixed now.

3523d ago