Legacy of a Madden Nation

The Game Reviews writes:

"The afternoon of April 16th proved sad for me as a sports fan and gamer. When John Madden, longtime NFL broadcaster and the namesake of the most successful sports franchise of all-time, retired from NBC Sports it ended a career. However, the cultural force tied to his legacy (part of which helped launched the NFL into the most popular sport in United States) is alive and well."

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italianbreadman3517d ago

This is an excellent article. Non-sports fans could gain a little insight here, too.

SirLarr3517d ago

I don't care about football OR Madden, but this was still a well-thought and researched article. While I may not care, the force of these games, and the impact of John Madden in particular, is undeniable. Great read!

SlamVanderhuge3517d ago

Solid piece...coming from a non-Madden fan

NeverforgetNES3517d ago

Awesome stuff. Madden really has done more than people give him credit for.