100° Fat Princess Beta Key Giveaway Writes "Ladies and Gentleman, ever since we laid our eyes on to Fat Princess at E3 '08, we've all wanted to get our hands on it and slaughter the opposing team with swords, arches, fire, and of course stuff their Princess with cake. We'll were happy to say that we've managed to obtain 5 beta codes and we're willing to give them all. All you have to do is just simply post a comment with a valid email address and hope that we choose you.

We'll Close the Contest at 7:30 PM EST and Announce the winners here."

UPDATE: Since of high demand we're changing our contest a little bit to see who really deserves it, in your comment come up with a joke about Fat Princess and be creative!!!!

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dooge3468d ago

Those we're some of the worst jokes I've ever heard.

FamilyGuy3468d ago

When is the game coming out already, i've never anticipated a psn title before but i cant wait to play this with some friends online.

NNNW3467d ago

If there is voice chat in the game?

user94220773467d ago

These guys gave out Kung fu rag doll instead of fat princess.


andrewf913467d ago

we got the wrong codes, and the winners will get their beta codes unless if we get more then we'll give more out

Sty3467d ago

I have read that it has voice chat ingame

fozzyhull3467d ago

none as yet in beta as far as im aware?

peeps3467d ago

from what i've heard there is? i'm sure in the IW episode on Gametrailers, they talked about fat princess beta and mentioned some of the tactics ppl were coming up with so guessing that musta been via headset

PotNoodle3467d ago

Yes there is voice in the beta, you have to hold down R2 and then talk.

But yeah, i got in it a few days ago - got a code from one of the mods on the EU playstation forums - i love it, really can't wait for the full game to come out.

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The story is too old to be commented.