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Assassin's Creed 2 - New Info

The biggest Montreal newspaper has a small interview with a Ubisoft employee on the new upcoming game, and he gave exclusive info. (Assassin's Creed 2, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

Bren86  +   2319d ago
Nice, I can't wait to fly!

"6. Having more than your secondary knife, youll be able to defend yourself with your fists."

LarVanian  +   2319d ago
You could use your fists in the first game too.
Jamegohanssj5  +   2319d ago
I just noticed that they're putting it on the Wii. That makes me un happy. I just hope this is a heck of a lot better than the first one. Ubisoft always disappoints me, but maybe things will change this time.

scissor_runner  +   2319d ago
Why is this in the Wii news?
farhsa2008  +   2319d ago
hopefully this one isn't so boring like the first, it had an amazing concept but was a total borefest!
TheColbertinator  +   2319d ago
Da Vinci will provide your accessories and weapons? Interesting.
Mcrmarcher  +   2319d ago
True, flag collecting was lame....
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MGOelite  +   2319d ago
"Ezio Auditore di Firenze" they couldnt think of a better name?

cmon how do you even prenoune that...
Raf1k1  +   2319d ago
lol I'd be willing to bet you couldn't pronounce Altair if his name wasn't pronounced in the first game :P
Mikelarry  +   2319d ago
very interesting. i enjoyed the first one the only thing that really pissed me off was flag collecting and side stepping. but still i enjoyed the game cant wait for this one
Jsynn7  +   2319d ago
Two heads?
I wonder is they'll be co-op play or even competitive play. Who could kill more targets in a set amount of time. That would be cool.
matt1991  +   2319d ago
a race to assasssinate someone
KionicWarlord222  +   2319d ago
My gosh,...

This game looks great. If its anything like the first im sold,but i found the game very repetitive.
JJFNIGHTS80  +   2318d ago
Just can't wait till this game comes out, DAY ONE RELEASE FIRST BUY.
kaveti6616  +   2318d ago
Yeah, the first is repetitive, but what game isn't these days...
I just bought the first game a week ago for only 30 bucks and I gotta say I didn't expect it to be that good. Like a fool, I trusted IGN's 7.7 (US) review of the game and didn't buy it for a very long time. To me, the game is sheer awesome in its scope, not just in scenery but also in scalable ability, as well as the lighting. Sure, there are a few texture pop in issues, but I automatically pretended like it was a "glitch in the Animus" so it didn't bother me too much.

Also, people do call it repetitive and although I have only assassinated a couple of people so far, I don't really feel it is that bad of a problem, though most people on this forum say it gets boring after the third assassination, so I gotta check that out. Flag collecting actually is not so bad either, because I usually just stumble onto them when I'm scaling rooftops and outrunning enemies. The animations are awesome and the story is still kind of suspenseful for me, and I think it's probably one of the greater games made this gen. Just the climbing is a joy; it rivals GTAIV in my opinion in terms of open world movement.
Cheeseknight28  +   2318d ago
I never played the original, though I may one day borrow it from a friend. This one really does sound interesting, even if the idea of 'having da Vinci as a mentor' sounds ridiculously cheesy.

To be honest though, the game may have sold me just on the awesome boxart. Great Marketing ftw I guess.

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Persistantthug  +   2318d ago
My assessment of the first one: Perhaps the most beautiful well rendered piece of turd I've played yet.
I rented this game a week after I bought my PS3 4 months ago.

I had seen alot of high-review scores, seen some of the graphics online and boy, I was sold.

So I popped the game in an I was blown away by the concept and the graphics. For a while I just couldn't get enough of making Altair dive from high perches because it would physically give me that "roller coaster drop" feeling. I can't remember a game ever doing that too me so well. So, for a few hours I went around killing people for fun, testing my stealthy abilities, messing with the guards, acting like Spiderman while climbing and jumping off buildings. Eventually I got to the missions and for the first 2 or so I had fun, and went to bed.

The next day I really dove into the missions and soon the game and all the fun started to unravel. Every dang mission was the same. With each passing mission, I began to get more annoyed. It was as if the developers weren't even trying to TRY to make the missions interesting. And then I noticed, that while each city was beautifully rendered, they too were pretty much the same city. After doing essentially the same Mission for the fifth time, I put the game back in its case and returned it to Blockbuster.
I was almost feeling hurt because so many, what I thought to be, trusted review sites told me this game was REALLY good, and rarely do I find them to be wrong.

Assassin's Creed had so much potential, in my mind, it was almost impossible to mess up, but with it's repetitiveness (repetitiveness in DROVES), UBISOFT did just that......they wrecked an ace in the hole by lack of even trying.

This game was NOT worth the $60 it launched at, and there's no way I would buy this new iteration without getting the go ahead by trusted people that agreed with me about AC1.

btw...seeing that I've now seen loads of Assassins Creed copy's sell used for as little as $10, it might be worth that....but not much more.
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psycho360  +   2318d ago
You're right. I played first 2 cities and gave up. I would have preferred one huge city (Ala GTAxx) with more varied missions across different parts of the city.

Anyway, thanks to Jade Raymond, it got rave reviews from majority of the sites. I would preferably love to see her back promoting AC2.

Bubbles to anyone giving info of her whereabouts? NO not to those google searched or wikid.
cyril sneer  +   2318d ago
11. how about being able to assasinate a target undetected rather than having to go toe 2 toe with all their bodyguards and then give chase or get chased halfway round the city.I have not played it in ages but from what i remember most of the assasination missions were like that if not all of them.
peeps  +   2318d ago
I'm hoping this is the game the original should have been. all the right ideas where there, the climbing etc was really really good but it was just so repetative. It sounds like they realise this though so hopefully theres an excellent game on the way.

I'd also like more of a challenge when going for your assassination target, i found alot of the time it was too easy. would be better to offer you lots of different strategies etc.
Mikerra17  +   2318d ago
quick question
is this confirmed for both ps3 and 360.

I dont wanna see no surprise of exclusivity at E3
jalen247  +   2318d ago
I loved the first game. Can't wait for part 2. The only thing that annoyed me was the same dialog was used every time you were asked to train for a new skill. Those devs were lazy, they could have recorded alternate dialog to use for those sequences. Other than that I really enjoyed the game. Even though people said the missions were repetitive, I enjoyed them so it didn't bother me.

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