Gamedroid: Magic Ball 2 iPhone Review

Alawar is shaping up to be one of the best developers for Iphone and IPod Touch games. The guys that brought you wonderfully addictive games like Tank-O-Box and The Treasures of Montezuma now release a new marvel in Magic Ball 2.

Alawar MO has always been to port successful games like tank wars and link 3 gems type of games, and give them a unique twist. This is the case of Magic ball 2 too; it is a classic arkanoid game but with great graphics and original features. The difference between this and other arkanoid games from the appstore is that this one has 3 dimensional levels. This means that the bricks form different structures, like buildings or forts that are destroyed brick by brick. As you obliterate these scenes, power-ups rain down from above, allowing you to launch missiles, rack up points, put multiple balls into play and more.

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