Kizuna: new trailer

Kizuna continues its sweet way and just be out with a new and rather long trailer. Développé par Jaleco , studio ayant connu dernièrement quelques déboires pour ensuite être racheté par une compagnie spécialisée dans les jeux en ligne, ce RPG dispose d'une patte graphique très singulière de par son effet crayonné du plus bel effet. Developed by Jaleco, studio recently experienced some setbacks and then bought by a company specializing in online games, the RPG has a very unique graphic paw through its effect sketch the most beautiful effect. Sortie nippone fixée au 28 mai à venir. Japanese release set for May 28 to come.

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TruthbeTold3524d ago

Not sure what I think of this one yet. Looks kind of cool though.

condorstrike3523d ago

This is going to be a very good ninja-gaiden/god of war/Shadow of the Colossus-style game for the Wii that we'll probably never see, the same way Monster Hunter Tri, or Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse will never reach The US.