Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Speculation

Goldenboy from BulletLAG writes: "First off I have to tip my hat off to Sony. They are a company that truly does deliver on unique IP's that continue to push this industry forward. With that said, the recent news about Nathan Drake's second outing in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves regarding the inclusion of Multiplayer is exciting news. Playing through the first game I couldn't help but think about the possibilities for Multi-player, and how Naughty Dog would approach it. Now that it is a reality with Uncharted 2 we here at BulletLAG want to speculate on what exactly would be included in an Uncharted 2 with Multi-player."

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OhReginald3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

naughty dog and insomniac are great friends. I bet 100 billion space cash that insomniac will help with uncharted 2's multiplayer and make it lag free just like resistance 2.

chaosatom3519d ago

a RPG like element or leveling up system, then it would be awesome.

And by including the Multiplayer, media won't have a chance to say that "oh it's just has a Single player, and not up to modern times" or something.


Funny enough, the best games I played on this generation are SP only or mainly it's SP mode.

I loves R&CF:ToD, Uncharted and Heavenly Sword in 2007, above anything else (including so COD4 and Warhawk). I would also mention NGS, but I didn't bought it since I had it before on the original Xbox.

In 2008 my best experiences were MGS4 (the online is great even if kind of inaccessible, but the SP is just mind blowing), Burnout Paradise (which I rarely played multiplayer), FFVII:CC, Devil May Cry 4, Resistance 2 SP (I don't like the respawn kill-kill kind of MP), Fable II (the only 360 game because I don't own the console, I played over my nephew's house) and Fallout 3. I also bought Prince of Persia which was less than great but didn't ever, at any moment, felt like lacking MP.

'Till now in 2009, I played a lot of RE5 (have platinum trophy without ever being online or local MP) and Killzone 2 (I have all trophies of the camping, but a I barely play it online, I have like 8 hours after a month with the game).

Just imagine the list if I had all consoles!

But while I played all that, I have seen many games that wasn't so great, or even below average, that had MP. The interesting thing is that having MP didn't make then suck any less, just added lengh, not necessarily replay value.

I don't know who stated this "modern standard" that media is following, but this is just plain dumb. Having or not having MP don't really add ANY replay value if you didn't get you QUALITY right, just lengh. It will maybe make a difference for replay value in great games, but they really need it? I don't think so, I can easily play 3 or 4 times through a great SP, be done with it, and feel satisfied about my purchase.

SaiyanFury3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

I'm hoping the online coop is at least through the main campaign. The one reason I still play the original Resistance is simply because me and my brother in law can play together through the campaign. It's fun playing with someone on the same couch. I hope that Naughty Dog either includes a campaign-style coop, either online or same screen.

supremacy3519d ago

i hope is something like gears of war, i mean both games do have a certain degree of simularities, if you can get past the stories and the gore of course.

i mean i can see hiding and shooting, moving from one object to the next or just simply running and gunning, another player gets close to you, what do you do? well melee ofcourse this right here is where naughty dog would have to think.

other than that, give players the options to customize their characters. mercenaries, pirates or simply treasure hunters like drake into the mix i dunno.

but i could see it all work out well if its well implemented, hopefullly this doesnt affect the single player experience which is what got me hooked into this franchise.

the crisp graphics couple with solid gameplay and sounds and a great compelling story is something i wouldnt sacrafice, but naughty dog is well? naughty dog so we'll have to wait and see how this turns out.

also the fact that they can go to guerrilla games or insomniac for help is great for them and all of us as well.

but we'll see. how all this unfolds later this year.

dericb113519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

One thing people tend to forget is the amount of game play and known features about the SP campaign. With a quick search you get find tons of screen shots and videos. To me that means they maybe polishing it or maybe done with it. Its not like they had to build the game from ground up like the first one. I mean GeOW2 and Resistance2 prove sequels come faster if the engine is done.

As for the MP I see it being good, really good in fact. Pretty much any PS3 exclusive that has MP in is fun. Killzone 2, Warhawk, Socom, R1 and R2 and so on. This trend should continue since it ND and they are a proven developer.

jBat173519d ago

wouldn't it cool of they can incoporate the platforming part in MP?

then again, run-cover-peak third person shooters have stupid MP just like GTA4 and queers of lag 2

-MoOkS-3519d ago

If I was making uncharted multiplayer I would:

- Make it have a tactical mode like Cod4 s&d
- Duck/cover system like gears of war
- no more than 8 players per map ( 4vs4 ) it's not a stupid mess of grenades, rockets etc like kz2 and resistance 2
- A good ranking system like killzone 1 or bf2
- Team deathmatch
- deathmatch
- Some sort of capture the flag mode, both teams have a base
- symetrical maps for balanced sides
- clan system

Maybe it would give me a reason to turn my ps3 on.


In the first Uncharted there was great outdoors and big settings, but inside the temple and nearing the end I just noticed that the game was lacking in tigher spaces. It was not so detailed and gameplay didn't work as great as in outside (but still very good).

By the many images we've seen of more closed spaces, I guess they are giving more attention to this passages in the game now. That's just amazing!

GameGambits3519d ago

The thing with this game as being a sequel people assume Naughty Dog will be strapped for time to focus either more on SP or MP. The first one had to have an engine made for it which consumed at least 2 years of the development process. On the sequel all you do is tweak the engine to get more out on the hardware, so you can focus more on the SP and the MP. That's why sequels to games on the same generation of consoles takes 2-3 years.

With that said people need to think about the MP this way. They are having a beta for it. It obviously shows they care about the MP enough to want to make it not suck if they are BETA testing. Some developers are so inclined to just take your cash and not beta test, because they are poor developers.(Gears of War 2---Cliffy B and EPIC can die in a ditch without a beta test for that garbage dump of a game)

With this beta I expect the results to be a great success and we'll be treated to a lot of MP fun this summer. :)

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