Hardcore Games Nintendo Must Announce at E3 2009

Nintendo disappointed their hardcore fans during the last couple of E3s. They can redeem themselves by announcing several new core titles at E3 2009.

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Smacktard3468d ago

Kirby a hardcore title? Hahahahahahha, oh come ON.

Cajun Chicken3468d ago

Kirby freaking rocks. Don't kid yourself. Easily as core as Mario and Zelda.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3468d ago

Some people like Core with no casual appeal. Take Halo 3, that's "Core" but it's also casual at some point, and that's why a lot of people hate Halo 3 online, because you find so many noobs out there.

Or perhaps should we say Kirby is "Kiddy Core"?

Cajun Chicken3468d ago

Its a platformer. Platformers are core, core games take some kind of effort to play them.

Smacktard3468d ago

Kirby's a great series -- don't get me wrong -- but it's decidedly casual. Kirby Superstar is one of the best platformers ever, but it's still casual.

TheColbertinator3468d ago

I thought Kirby 64 was somewhat hardcore.It had some tough platforming parts and figuring out what elements you needed for the puzzles was interesting.

ChickeyCantor3468d ago

You could consider kirby really casual, but the concept is just great.
Don't let the cuteness fool you, its just an amazing franchise.

N4g_null3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

I'm curious as to how many oh you have beat kirby or even played the games? Kirby is cute yet I could not call it casual. There is a reason why the kirby characters can kick a$$ in SSBB.

Another hting is nintendo does not have to annouce lots of games they just need to do what SONY does and bring those games from the 3rd parties up at the show.

Back in the day they use to just show us how cool the release list was and they were not a lot of nintendo games either. Nintendo should get behind EA and show off their tennis game, conduit, squares games and get some info of the other games. Show red steel2 etc and a bunch of motion plus games and demo them during the show even if it is closed doors to the press. It's ok for nintendo to be secretive about their games but they and trumpet other games all day long.

ape0073468d ago

is right

kirby is a legendary franchise and should be appreciated by any hardcore gamer

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SinnedNogara3468d ago

Titles They Need To Show/Announce

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Dead Space Extraction
The Conduit

Star Fox (they better)
New channels
Good WiiWare games

ButterToast3468d ago

^i was going to say that, you beat me to it.

ChickeyCantor3468d ago

" you forgot kid icarus. "
I come on, as much as i want a new " kid icarus" game, I think people are just hyped for this title because its been claimed to be in production. As far as i know most people don't even remember Kid on the NES. Nintendo has more games in the past, yest Kid icarus is suddenly so wanted.

solidjun53468d ago

I grew up playing Kid Icarus. I didn't just suddenly want it. I wanted it for the N64. I wanted for the gamecube but It never manifested. Yea he's in super smash brothers and that's all and dandy but for ME personally, I would very much welcome Kid Icarus. I'm sure with the right marketing, it will sell a boatload. At the very least, It's a first day purchase me and that's what matters.

SinnedNogara3468d ago


Kid Icarus
uhhhhh....something else, something else

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ape0073468d ago

new star fox please

the n64 game was 11\10 in my book

Cajun Chicken3468d ago

They should hire Planet Moon to do it, they did a great After Burner on PSP.

Xander-RKoS3468d ago

The guy who writes these things for the examiner always ticks me off...not sure why, but he just comes off as a fanboy and doesn't know much about anything...

Anyways, Monster Hunter 3's US release date please.

And while I think we'll be lucky to get a new Zelda Wii or Mario this time around, I really want someone to have picked up at least Star Fox and F-Zero.

from the beach3468d ago

New Pilotwings would be fantastic, but quite frankly they could announce nothing at all and still have the best 2009 lineup, easy.

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