iPGN: Galaktagon Review

iPGN writes: "The tragic thing about games is that the player is ultimately trying to glean whatever advantage he or she may be able to from the system. If the system is broken it becomes that much easier to exploit the game, and victory becomes a routine execution of a guaranteed method of success. Years ago, this meant more play time and less quarters spent, but today the benefit of ruining a game for oneself in this manner is not apparent. Galaktagon is one such game, because it is crippled by its simplicity. Enemies descend in a straight line, not shooting until they are a certain distance away from you.

This means that in Galaktagon you sit in the corner and tap the screen as fast as possible, a boss will appear and you must alter your position momentarily to kill it, you then return to the corner and repeat these steps indefinitely. Or, at least, that is how I now play the game. While points are lost for every enemy that you do not kill, the points you will earn immediately before and then immediately after the boss fight more than make up for any points lost."

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