Gamer Limit Review: Resistance: Retribution

Gamer Limit writes: "Like its predecessors, Resistance: Retribution throws the player into a raging war between the human race and the Chimera - the latter making giant leaps in its basic goal of taking over Planet Earth, the former struggling to stop it from happening. But, unlike the first-person experiences offered on the PlayStation 3's Resistance: Fall Of Man and Resistance 2 - between which this European adventure lies - the PSP title is a third-person affair. What's more, it introduces a new protagonist to the series in the shape of James Grayson, a tough talking Londoner with a grudge and more hair than Nathan Hale. But is it any good? Hit the jump to find out."

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chrisjc3521d ago

Hm. I didn't dig Resistance 2 but I want to try this.

Dimly3521d ago

It was generic on the PS3, I wonder if it can possible be better on a PSP

Homicide3521d ago

I love Sony Bend. They've done a fantastic job with the Syphon Filter PSP games. Still need to pick this up.

Droid Smasha3521d ago

I use this game to clean out the kitty litter

Socomer 19793521d ago

i played it everyday for 3 weeks for 45 minutes at a time. theres underwater levels where your swimming that are incredibly difficult. i use the auto aim off option and if you connect this game to resistance 2, you can breathe in those death defying swimming levels. dont be afraid to game share in public. just tap the person you see rockin a psp and get some online multiplayer capture the flag points going. PSN MAGNUM-RAM

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