ZoKnowsGaming: UFC 2009 Undisputed Demo First Thoughts

ZKG writes "I have to commend THQ for releasing such a complete demo, it contains a lot of great content and the tutorials are ample and straightforward and from what I can tell you will need them. The controls aren't hard, they are very responsive but there are a lot of them and they are comprehensive, so if you want to be a brutal master of the octagon you are going to have to study."

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360Hater3521d ago

Ive found countless glitches already...

thatruth20063520d ago

I have played the demo extensively and I pretty much agree with what has been said here. I think that the easier levels are so easy as to make it more appealing to casual gamers. The expert level is nuts as has been said, if Shogun takes you down its a wrap and if you play as Shogun Liddell knocks you out. However, overall I did find it very enjoyable and I think it has very good replay value and should be very fun to play online. I really captures the feeling of UFC that any second the fight could be over by KO and submission and that is important. With the game releasing on the 19th, its probably already locked so the glitches probably wont get fixed before it ships but the beautiful think about this generation of systems is that you have the opportunity to correct things like this through software updates so all is not lost.