Tales of Vesperia Special Edition Bonus Revealed

The long-awaited bonus for the Special Edition of Tales of Vesperia has finally been revealed.

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Straight Life3495d ago

I'll be playing the superior version on PS3

erathaol3495d ago

The article is about this, "The long-awaited bonus for the Special Edition of Tales of Vesperia has finally been revealed. It is the second CD from the Tales 10th Anniversary Soundtrack, which was also available from Tales Brigade."

It doesn't really talk about the PS3 version to be released later this year. Just what the people who bought the Special Edition version of Tales of Vesperia get.

militant073495d ago

i already played the original game and going to play the ps3 version.

which make me, The Winner

SaiyanFury3495d ago

I'll wait for it on PS3. I'm not buying it on 360 when I know the PS3 version is coming.

chrstphr5673495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Well I hope you guys are planning on importing it because it's the PS3 version is not coming to america since Microsoft owns the english language rights. AS far as this article goes. For a second there I thought they were making and new version of Tales of Vesperia for 360 that will include the new features that was coming to the PS3. Boy was I wrong.

sarshelyam3495d ago

What are you talking about, the rights are owned by Namco Bandai, not Microsoft. There was no localization agreement between NB and Microsoft whatsoever.

Trebius3495d ago

Uhm...MS doesnt own being naive.

- Ghost of Sparta -3495d ago

Wow. Just think about what you just said.

sarshelyam3495d ago

This is fantastic news, however, according to the registration site I need to enter the code found in my Special Edition Manual...anyone else missing this?

The_EE_God3495d ago

Look at the back of the manual

ShawnCollier3494d ago

IIRC, it should be at the bottom of the sheet that has the track list for the first soundtrack. That's what I've heard (I don't have the SE).

kh2masta3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

on the website if u click on the tales of vesperia on the side there will be info but if you you look at the american box art there is no only for xbox 360 on the top anymore

ShawnCollier3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

That boxart also lacks the ESRB image, so it could have been from a mock-up.

Then again, I never looked that hard at it before the Japanese PS3 announcement, so I don't know if it was changed or not.

EDIT: The image for the SE still has the ONLY ON logo, so it likely is a mockup.

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