Console Monster: WWE Legends of WrestleMania Review

Console Monster writes: "The world of wrestling, a bona fide spandex soiree, home to questionably tight costumes, the improper use of steel folding chairs and enough man-bulge to supply a hot dog vendor. For two years! Not being a particular fan of the wrestling genre, I entered with a suspicious flickering of the eyes and dubiously anticipated the game playing host to a whole library of flaws and being a tragic, disastrous experience. While I tried my best to rid myself of these preconceptions, which would turn out to be misconceptions, I couldn't help but think that I was simply preparing to lay into the game in a daring leap from the turnbuckle. How wrong I turned out to be.

The game loads up to a satisfyingly dazzling and endearingly chintzy menu screen, laden with enough gold colouring to sink a pirate ship, and soon has you exploring the various modes available, with the first layer of options offering the obligatory exhibition matches, the groundbreakingly titled "Game Modes" and Xbox LIVE features. Itching to ease my inquiring mind as to what had induced such an absence of creativity when naming this selection of modes, I thrust myself into the Game Modes and prepared for the mystery to unfold. What's offered within is the single-player staple of the game. The sustenance; the meat on the bone. The WrestleMania Tour, Hall of Fame and Legend Killer modes..."

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