Microsoft Surface setup impressions: "filled with mind-bogglingly frustrating usability issues"

Engadget Writes: Microsoft's Surface has been shipping out to corporate customers for a year now, but we haven't heard much about the backend setup of the $17,000 table -- sure, we know it's fun when it's up and running all those custom apps, but what's it like after the unboxing? Incredibly frustrating, says FD kinesis's Gordon Miller. Hired to implement a Surface solution for a client, Miller and his team first spent 30 minutes on the phone with MS phone support trying to locate the power socket, and another lengthy period of time poking at an unresponsive touchscreen before realizing that the Surface doesn't respond to touch out of the box.

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jagerj3493d ago

Read the article. That way you dont look like a douche for posting such lame title lines.

The_Beast3493d ago

If it breaks.. if a red ring appears, Or the whole thing turn red