The Portable Gamer Review: Splat... for iPhone

TPG writes: "Splat... has a simple premise, shoot everything that moves! Splat… is viewed from a overheard perspective and you play as a blob. Yes, a blob. Your aim? Shoot the other coloured blobs causing them to explode across the screen. This creates some interesting backdrops as different coloured blobs explode all over the place the further you progress. Ultimately, however it's all about enjoying yourself shooting the blobs."

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killyourfm3524d ago

I dig how the music is adaptive...but it sure does look repetitive, to say the least.

CrAppleton3524d ago

Yeah, it does look a bit repetative

reluctant_gamer3524d ago

Going to have to point this out to my hubby. Thanks for the heads up!

CrAppleton3524d ago

I'm sure blake would enjoy it

supercharger51503524d ago

hmmm, looks neat with the changing background, like you could make our own art. I agree it would be really repetitive.

supercharger51503524d ago

I had a board game when I was a kid called Splat! It was awesome! You were a bug and if you drew a certain card or something Splat! you're dead and out. I'd totally play that on iPhone.