Monster Hunter 3 - New screenshots

Capcom published some new screenshots from Monster Hunter 3.

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Supercalifragili3498d ago

One of the best game for Wii this year.

Mandaspt3498d ago

This will sell a lot in Japan.

Panthers3497d ago

True, but I doubt it will here in the States. People say I am generalizing when I say this, but the majority of Wii owners are not gamers and only care about playing Wii sports.

N4g_null3497d ago

I didn't even play monster hunt back in the day yet I think I'm getting this game. The art is pretty sweet plsu you get lots of stuff to slay.

This is seriously a good looking Wii game also up there with the conuits graphics engine wise yet it has great art direction.

Myst3498d ago

Game looks amazing, now just hoping that it won't take a year to become localized.

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The story is too old to be commented.