Velvet Assassin - HD gameplay videos overload

Msxbox-World has posted a handful of gameplay videos from the soon to be released stealth game Velvet Assassin. There are HD and SD versions available and are well worth checking out.

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mistajeff3522d ago

I can't believe there's so little interest in this game. This site has the only press I've seen on it in weeks, and it comes out in a few days. I think it looks like it's worth a spin. *gameflys it*

erathaol3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

I think that the game doesn't spark interest because of a few factors.

Such as the stealth being to lite. Usually Stealth games focus more on the mechanics of how well one can sneak around a room, using basic body movements performed in real life. As any average human can cover, crawl and go prone. While the game hasn't shown these features and seems to be sticking to just crouching/slow-moving.

The variety in WWII guns it quite limited, compared to the weapons in modern day. You won't be seeing anything new but they could make it interesting. They could allow for unique ways to make a silencer for a gun or unique ways to create distractions, that would be nice.

I'm not going to make the multiplayer argument, I'm not one of those people. I know dev's struggle with making it and its better to make a strong Single Player campaign. Plus, the cost and production time it takes to make multiplayer is quite high. If your funds are limited, it's better not to spread yourself thin.

That the team making Velvet Assassin does not plan on making a sequel or release DLC. Just one game and that's it.

Finally the graphics are actually good, just not great or new. We've all played WWII games, we know the standard affair of clothing by the good/bad guys. You can make changes but nothing big in the end.

Overall there are more factors working against the game. The saving grace of the game could be the Story and if by any chance they bring something new to the Stealth genre.

TrueGamer713522d ago

Agreed, i just put it on my rent list!

Along with Godfather II and RE5 i still have yet to play!

Raoh3521d ago

2 reasons no one is following this game.

1. some people only like heavily promoted games.

2. here is a list of the games previously released by this studio:

Hail To The Chimp
Dementium: The Ward
Mushroom Men: Spore Wars

Johandevries3521d ago

Hey amigo, Legendary is a product of Spark Unlimited, the studio of Velvet Assassin is ''Replay Studios'' from Germany.

Johandevries3521d ago

Replay Studios is also making the budget-shooter from Uwe Boll called ''Tunnel Rats 1968'', I read an interview about it and it made me enthousiast.

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Spike473522d ago

the storyline caught me by surprise.

DFogz3522d ago

This looked interesting a while ago when I first heard of it, but I figured it got dropped because I never heard anything again. I can't believe it's coming out in 3 days!

XXXCouture3522d ago

hmmm... hitman as a chick eh

spirited3522d ago

I dont know why there are not many stealth games around I love stealth element in games.

looking forward to uncharted 2 thank God it uses stealth mechanics as well now

where is Splinter cell Conviction,does anyone know?

Stealth games FTW

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