Fallout 3 DLC Retail Package Revealed

The two highly respectable Downloadable Content (DLC) packs for Bethesda Softworks' Fallout 3 currently available for digital purchase are set to be released on a retail disc for both Xbox 360 and Games for Windows on May 29th, 2009, Electronic Theatre can today reveal.

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Nihilism3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

hell mf yeah thats what i've been waiting for

EDIT: ok maybe not, the third dlc isn't on it..GAY!

DominusRebellis3496d ago

Wow it must be sooooo hard for these yanks to port the DLC onto a Bluray disc, guess the're still stuck with DVD mindset. Retards!

BWS19823496d ago

have to do with an entire nation being condemned to such a label?

I have a PS3 and PSP and love it, and Microsoft often annoys me, oh, and I'm a proud American. Stop stereotyping, that's the kind of arrogance that the US is seemingly always labeled with, and you don't see me being that way. Think a little bit, we're not all a bunch of 360 fanboys, despite the misrepresentation found on this site....

Blanket statements are naive, be above that please.

DominusRebellis3496d ago

Good for you, no one cares that you're "proud american". Yank is what americans are called around the world. British people are Brits, Australian people are Aussies, Americans are yanks. Oh but being the "proud american" you are I can safely say that you probably haven't even left your country to know what different people are called. Get a life, better yet shove it and go suck on a bell-end...if you know what that is.

"Entire nation being condemned"? Are you kidding me? Wow..I can't believe how narrow minded you are to interpret "yank" as something that serious. Lay off the games and get around the world

BWS19823496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

I wasn't offended by "Yanks," I've heard that before many times and it isn't offensive, I was commenting on your "retards" comment as well as your presumptive attitude towards the personality traits of Americans "preferring DVD9 instead of Blu-ray". Try reading your post, then mine.

So now suddenly you know all about my history of global travel and your pretentious attitude towards other nations makes ME the narrowminded one? Wow, what astute capacities you're wielding. Apparently because I'm patriotic, I've never left my nation, what logic...

Good luck with that tunnel vision, buddy.

thereapersson3496d ago

You complain about Americans having sh1tty attitudes, and you display one of the most xenophobic comments I've seen in quite some time. What are you doing posting this crap here in the first place? This neither the time nor the place for such animosity and sentiments.

I agree that that's just what Americans are called, same as Brits, etc. But there's no need to react in such a manner!

BWS19823493d ago

he chose that element of hostility, because he didn't even read my post right. Saying one is proud of their nationality isn't pompous, saying you're better because of that nationality is, and I did the former. I'm not an elitist, but I guess stereotyping prevails sometimes.

On topic, I have pretty much written off getting Fallout on the PS3 now, because of all I've heard. I'll get it for PC I guess, since it'll be cheap and look best.

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PotNoodle3496d ago

I wonder when bethesda will inevitably release a "Game of the year" edition for the PS3 with all the packs on it, like they did with the oblivion for the PS3 - after saying the DLC wouldn't come to the PS3.

Not that it matters to me, i bought it on the 360 after hearing about all the bugs on the PS3 version - though i didn't spend much time on it, i'll have to get back it.

Trebius3496d ago

I own the ps3 version...and I didnt see any bugs...aside from the terrible animations and rare "stuck between rock and hard place" moments.

Bethesda pisses me off...I was considering getting the PC version but got the PS3 one instead...wouldnt have done that if I'd known it wouldn't be supported...fukcing dikcheads. Whatever tho...I lose this round...

But I just wont support their next release, along with the rest of the pissed off ps3 owners.

BLuKhaos3496d ago

Seeing that the PS3 ver might as well not exist,go ahead and download the PC torrent since you already paid for Fallout 3.

Superted20073496d ago

No thanks Bethesda I am still gonna hit the torrent sites and grab ur overpriced DLC bugg ridden mess.

ps3gamerkyle3496d ago

How hard is it to put the DLC on a Blu-ray?

They'll greatly increase their profit margins if they actually did a good, reasonably priced DLC set for the PS3.

Cheeseknight283496d ago

It's not really programmed for the PS3 yet, they can't just stick it on a disk and ship it out. It has to be recreated specifically for the PS3 first.

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