The Armchair Empire: Red Alert 3: "Ultimate Edition" (PS3) and "Uprising" (PC) Review

Aaron Simmer: "I'm a fan of the Red Alert series, warts and all. It's just too much fun for me, whether playing with people through the co-op campaign of Red Alert 3 or the single-player aspects of Uprising, it's all goofy fun. And that's mainly what I want from my games: fun."

The Good

- Ultimate Edition (PS3) is brimming with a good game and tons of cool extras
- Uprising (PC) concentrates on the single-player experience and I actually liked that better

The Bad

- For Ultimate Edition there's quite a steep learning curve for those unfamiliar with console RTS games
- Uprising's single-player campaigns are over too fast and the Yuriko missions could have fleshed out more

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