1000s of Battlefield Heroes beta keys to give away

GR: Free-to-play PC shooter Battlefield Heroes is about the most fun war has ever looked. And you'll be able to get yourself a piece of the cartoon-skirmishing action next week. Starting on Monday, we'll have an absolutely insane amount of Battlefield Heroes beta keys to dish out to anyone that wants one. Seriously, we've secured quite a stockpile.

Once you've safely procured yourself a beta key and swiftly navigated the redeem process, you can create your own colourful war hero and take them into battle. Choose your side, then frag, level-up and use your special abilities to stick it to the enemy. Beautiful. To find out more about Battlefield Heroes, read our preview of the beta.

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3517d ago
z1ck3517d ago

this game is full of aimbots it was once good when it was close beta but now is a disaster .

peeps3517d ago

was excited about it, got my beta key and got bored to death pretty quickly. rounds of conquest seem to go really quick and i don't like the while power up crap. ppl take way way too many bullets to die :/