Nintendo Penalizing Homebrew Users?

An anonymous reader writes

"Bricked your Wii? Not only will Nintendo charge you for the repair, they will now add an additional fee if they detect any homebrew software. 'Should Nintendo have to pay to repair hacked Wiis under warranty? Maybe not, but they have no (moral) right to gouge customers out of spite for having the HBC installed. This actually poses a technical dilemma for us with BootMii. As currently designed, BootMii looks for an SD card when you boot your Wii, and if it finds the card and the right file, it will execute that file. Otherwise, there's no way to tell it's installed.'

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PirateThom3492d ago

You're lucky they'll repair it at all.

Many comapnies wouldn't touch a device running homebrew to repair it.

LeShin3492d ago

Wanna cheat the system? Be prepared for the consequences...

Foxgod3492d ago

MS does, i know plenty of people who send in a modded xbox, MS simple erased their modded firmware and put a new one on it, then they repaired it and send it back.

N4g_null3492d ago

I agree with this but if you have a mod system will you not get banned from live? The funny thing is just take the stuff off before you send it silly. Then if you still get charged it's your own fault.

I think this is right to do because the home brew it not that useful to development. The home brew scene should ask nintendo for tools to right simple games though. It's possible to do.

1233603492d ago

tough sh*t,its not just old ninty that gets ripped off,its the devs,nice to see the boot on the other foot.

ReBurn3492d ago

These people are lucky that Nintendo will even touch these consoles. Installing unapproved software on the proprietary hardware is expressly forbidden in the warranty. So certainly they should have to pay if Nintendo fixes it. Re-flashing the BIOS is probably not something that would be included in a standard warranty repair, so to get it back to an initial state Nintendo needs to do more work. It's only fair for them to charge for that.

I'm not against people modding hardware or reverse-engineering hardware or software. It can be an incredible learning experience. But the majority of homebrew users aren't doing it to learn. A lot of them are doing it to cheat the system or get out of paying retail prices for games. Every single one of them will say they're being altruistic, but everyone knows what's really happening.

bigjclassic3492d ago

I camped out for my Wii on launch day. After a year it bricked, but I wasnt under the warranty anymore. I called Nintendo and THEY FIXED IT FOR FREE. No shipping or anything and it came back in 8 days.

So if Nintendo is gonna basically repair your console for free, they should charge for programs that voided the warranty.

For the hackers out there (i have HBC), just make sure the program that you choose is stable and has a good track record before you start hacking away. Tatsunoko vs Capcom RULES BTW!!

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