GameSpot: Excitebots: Trick Racing Review

GameSpot writes: "The single-player cups, local versus races (only two players, unfortunately), and online multiplayer all add up to a substantial amount of Trick Racing at a good price. The bevy of unlockables, including a harder difficulty mode for the truly dedicated, provides fun incentives to earn more stars. The Poker Race and minigame mode offer shallow diversions, but the core racing is where Excitebots really succeeds. Though the actual racing is fairly simplistic on its own, the huge amount of wacky stuff thrown into each race more than makes up for it. Excitebots is always challenging you to race faster, perform more stunts, and nail more minigames, and it constantly rewards your efforts with a stream of stars. The generous rewards and the sheer fun of racing make Excitebots an engaging, exciting blast".

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