Empire: Total War Gets Major Update Next Week

Creative Assembly has just announced that next will see the release of the first Major upgrade for their PC title Empire :Total War.

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Steve0073519d ago

70!!! Freakin bugs i din't knew that i only noticed about 11 i guess, but boy is this game awesome.

TheIneffableBob3519d ago

I hope they have a weekend deal next week for this.

Steve0073519d ago

To be honest i wasn't looking forward to this title, but then i won it in a scratch & win. :P and then i realized that i was a fool ignoring this title.

bardler3519d ago

Good because I can not get past the tutorial because it glitches halfway through. I tried jumping into the game with out it but I am lost as hell.

Mike Ox Big3519d ago

This is long overdue. Considering this is the age of Colonization and the fact that the AI doesn't even know how to transport Troops across the water is kind of game breaking. Could you imagine playing against Great Britain when the British can't even figure out how to cross the English Channel.

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