Bungie Weekly Update: 04/24/09

Bungie writes:
"Friday. Generally a day of superstition, you may have come to associate it with these updates. We can't tell if that's a good or a bad thing. Either way, for many of us here at the studio, another workweek is coming to a close. That's good any way you slice it.

There's not much new news coming down the pike for you this week. In fact, there's really not any news at all. Most of what you're going to read below is jibber jabber about the present day hotness, Halo 3. And what's wrong with that? We're in that nice, gentle, post-Mythic wake, rolling along towards...well, towards stuff we don't have any news about.

Since you'll be asking anyway, we'll answer. Fall 2009.

For those looking to live contently in the now, it's probably best to just lay back and enjoy the moment. Let the cool, rippling waters of the Mythic Map Pack lap at your feet. Savor the warm touch of the setting sun on Sandbox. Peer out of Orbital's glass windows and ponder the world below. Headshot some poor sap on Assembly with your Battle Rifle. All that therapeutic type stuff."

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