The real reason there is a Xbox Live Marketplace on Amazon

Excerpt: Following the recent announcement that Amazon would have Xbox live marketplace, I started to wonder: Why would Microsoft do this? Why would amazon want this? A few days later a partial answer came by way of a sale that amazon was having on some of the arcade games. This was a genius move. What better way to capture the game buyer by not only putting regular disk games on sale everyday, but also putting XBLA games on sale everyday.

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Bnet3433519d ago

I think it was a nice move. Amazon could have nice deals on these. Like Buy 2 Get 1 Free or somethin' or maybe lower the prices on Amazon. I like it.

Droid Smasha3519d ago

you dont become the biggest software company on the planet by being sony........... I mean stupid.

KionicWarlord2223519d ago

LOL...Sony isnt stupid .But seriously this is a very good idea they made. I can
imagine how well it will do later on. What deals they will have buy 2 get one free? hmm,

likedamaster3519d ago

That is an ugly cat. I liked it from the beginning especially not having to pay for points you don't need and could just pay the exact price for any game.

greenmeanie3519d ago

Now I dont have to buy more points than I need and get stuck with extra points that I cant buy anything with! This is a great move! I can buy my games for the price they are supposed to be! Bring it on! I will buy all my xbla games through amazon from now on if I can!

IdleLeeSiuLung3519d ago

The downside is I heard of a couple of cases where the code doesn't work from Amazon. I wonder how that is disputed?

greenmeanie3519d ago

Now if only they would do this with the zune marketplace then we would be in business! I hate having to use MS points for zune music. Its stupid and that is the reason why itunes is kicking zune's ass! If they charged 99 cents per song like itunes and you didnt have to buy MS points, then zune would have a fighting chance.